Season 6, Episode 4: Shade the Rusical

Bianca is leading the pack in terms of total followers, the number of new followers, and the relative increase in followers. My squishy data suggests that Bianca might deserve to be the next superstar.

Our seasoned musical theatre queens Courtney Act, Adore Delano, and BenDeLaCreme shined in this episode. They each acquired 2,500 new followers. Milk also got 2,500 new fans. Is it because Milk-Man is pretty? Because his acting skills did not reel in the followers.

This episode made me excited about Joslyn Fox, and I think I’m not the only one. She still ranks 12th in terms of total followers, but she had a 38% increase in followers this week! This episode highlighted her wit and communication skills, making me wonder if she’s not so ditzy after all. First of all, she threw a zinger at Bianca.

Joslyn: “I’m the butch queen.” RuPaul: “You’re the butch queen? Where you gonna draw your inspiration?” Joslyn: “Bianca Del Rio.”

Then, she told Gia, “You’re not ignorant, but you’re being ignorant.” She got some serious Miss Congeniality points there. I mean, Gia is ignorant about… everything. Tony Awards? DeLorean? Come ON.

Our sweet April Carrion got eliminated this week. She is the Vivienne Pinay of Season 6: super adorable but not competitive and confident enough to last long. I am sad to see her go, and I’m not the only one.  She had 1,500 new followers this week.

And now, the numbers…

Total Followers

  • Courtney Act (24,200) and Adore Delano (16,600) are still in the lead, riding on their fame on American/Australian Idol
  • Bianca del Rio (14,900) is quickly catching up with Adore Delano, having had 8,700 followers after episode 2
  • Milk and BenDeLaCreme have broken the 10,000 follower mark this week.

S6E4 Total 2

Increase in Followers (by Number)

  • Bianca del Rio has acquired almost 4,000 new followers after the Rusical.
  • Courtney Act, BenDeLaCreme, Adore Delano, and Milk have acquired about 2,500 new followers.
  • April Carrion gathered 1,500 new followers after her elimination.

S6E4 Increase 2

Increase in Followers (by Percentage)

  • Joslyn Fox only has about 5,000 followers total, but she leads in the relative number of fans acquired. Her Twitter fans increased by 38% this week.
  • Bianca del Rio increased her followers by 35%.

S6E4 Percent 2

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