Season 7, Episode 4: Spoof! There It Is

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Q: What happens on social media when everyone disagrees with RuPaul’s decision?

A: Elimination Spike!

Last year, the Twitter rankings mostly lined up with the order of elimination. Magnolia Crawford, Kelly Mantle and Vivacious were at the bottom. Bianca, Adore, and Courtney were at the top. There was one glaring exception: Darienne, who was outranked by DeLa, Milk, and Joslyn. Because duh.

I mention this because DeLa had a nice (11%) elimination spike (2,400 new followers) when she was kicked off, which was a great relative increase for Season 6. Everyone was pissed at Ru and followed DeLa on Twitter to show support.

S6E13 Total graph
S6E13 Twitter Followers

However, Trixie’s spike blows DeLa’s numbers out of the water, with a 33% increase in Twitter followers, the highest I have seen so far. (For comparison, the highest relative increase in followers for Season 6 was Bianca del Rio, who saw a 31% increase after the Queens of Comedy challenge.) She got the most new followers on Twitter, gained 25% more fans on Facebook, and 22% more on Instagram. More details below.

Pearl did incredibly well, too. She is still the #1 rank on Twitter, and #2 on Facebook and Instagram. Miss Fame still has the most fans on Facebook and Instagram, but Pearl is gaining on her quickly.

Jaidynn’s successes this week have helped her out in the social media race. She moved from #11 to #10 on Twitter, from #13 to #12 on Facebook, and from #11 to #10 on Instagram. I would love to see what would have happened if she had gotten as much screen time as Miss Fame, especially that part where she sewed that Bianca dress in 30 minutes. (Jesus, why does Miss Fame get so much attention?! Why am I giving it to her right now?)

Kennedy got some redemption this week with her win, and quite a few kudos on Twitter, but she remains in the bottom four on all three platforms. She got 552 new Twitter followers (12%), 335 new Facebook followers (5%), and 561 new followers on Instagram (6%).


  • Trixie elimination spike: She got the most new followers on Twitter (4,100; 33%). She climbed from the #4 spot to #3, pushing Katya down a notch.
  • Pearl still holds the top ranking. She gained 4,000 new followers (24%).
  • Miss Fame holds spot #2, but has only gained 11% more followers.
  • Katya and Max gained about 2,300 new followers each. Max saw a high relative increase (25%).
  • Violet, Ginger Minj and Katya continue to show steady growth in the high teens (17% – 18%).
  • Sasha dropped from #10 to #12, boosting the rankings for Jaidynn (#11 to #10) and Mrs. Kasha Davis (#12 to #11).

Twitter Chart

Twitter Numbers

Twitter Rank

Twitter Increase (#)

Twitter Increase (%)


I don’t know what to think about Facebook. Twitter gives me crazy #justicefortrixie conversations, Instagram gives me pretty photo and video recaps, and Facebook algorithms hide anything interesting on Facebook. But here goes…

  • Trixie Elimination Spike: On Facebook, she gained 2,890 new followers (25%), second in line to Pearl, who gained 4,465 Facebook followers (23%).
  • Miss Fame leads the pack. Because she is such a good leader.
  • Pearl and Violet switched places. Pearl is now #2, and Violet is now #3.
  • Max gained 2,014 new followers (17%).
  • Jaidynn Fierce and Mrs. Kasha Davis switched places. Jaidynn is now #12 and MKD is now #13.
  • It’s just kind of weird that Katya and Miss Fame each gained 1,238 new followers. Cosmic tan mom connection.

Facebook Graph

Facebook Numbers

Facebook Rank

Facebook Increase (#)

Facebook Increase (%)


  • Trixie Elimination Spike: She gained 7,900 new followers (22%), but is still second in line to Pearl, who gained 12,000 new followers (17%).
  • Miss Fame still ranks highest, with 25,000 more fans than Pearl. As a reminder, Miss Fame started out with 96,000 followers, which is a hard number to beat.
  • Ginger Minj has the highest relative increase in followers (23%).
  • Trixie, Katya, and Jaidynn all have 22% more followers this week.
  • Ginger Minj and Kandy Ho have switched places. Ginger is now #7, and Kandy is #8.
  • Jaidynn and MKD have switched places. Jaidynn is now #10, MKD is now #11.

Instagram Chart

Instagram Numbers

Instagram Rank

Instagram Increase (#)

Instagram Increase (%)

Some of My Favorite Social Media Moments This Week

Elimination Spike Sisters:Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 12.28.40 PM

Pearl being humble and supportive:

Pearl #justicefortrixie
Hugs all around.

Miss Fame feeling embarrassed about her behavior:

Miss Fame and Pearl
“We’re friends, right?” (Pearl didn’t comment on this.)


Season 7, Episode 3: ShakesQueer


Hello, Squirrel Friends! It’s episode 3, and almost all the queens have developed a story arc, with the exception of Jaidynn and Katya. A lot of screen time was devoted to Max (winner!), Kennedy, Jasmine, and Violet. Max and Violet benefited from the screen time, but Kennedy and Jasmine didn’t fare so well in the social media race.

Max got a great edit this week, and social media reflects that fact. At first, the fake British accent annoyed me, but this week I saw talent, style and congeniality. She is winning me over.

What’s really interesting this week are Pearl’s numbers. She now holds the #1 spot on Twitter, saw a strong relative increase on Facebook (12%) and gained 10,000 new followers on Twitter (16%). While her performance sucked, it sucked in a crush-worthy, authentic, stoner kid kinda way. “Someone bring me a puppy. I want to die.” Can I get an amen?

Katya is doing well, but her story arc has still not been well developed. We know she’s got good style (oh, Baberaham!), her private interviews are dramatic and cute, and she keeps a low profile during Untucked. In Season 5, we didn’t get much Jinkx until the Coco-Alyssa debacle died down. I’m excited to see what happens with Katya now that Jasmine can’t make as much noise.

What other trends do you notice?


  • Pearl has bypassed Miss Fame this week, and now holds the #1 spot on Twitter. She gained 2,300 followers this week, a 16% increase in followers.
  • Max saw the largest relative increase, with 23% more followers (1,699 new adds).
  • Ginger Minj continues to show strong growth, at 19% (1,305 new followers). As Eric Rezsnyak notes in his Episode 3 recap, she is getting the winner’s edit.
  • Kennedy Davenport and Jasmine Masters have swapped spots #13 and #14. Jasmine is now on the bottom. More camera time does not always mean more followers.
  • Tempest is still in position number 8, but is now showing 8% increase in followers. She is doing better than Sasha and Jasmine, and I have noticed Redditors wish she could have stuck around longer.

Twitter Chart

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 4.13.34 PM

Twitter Rank

Twitter Increase #

Twitter Increase %



  • Miss Fame still leads the pack by a landslide, with 32K+ followers. However, she only has a 2% increase in fans.
  • Next in line is Violet Chachki, with 20K followers. Do we love to hate her? Do we love to look at her? Or is it just because she is, actually, kinda talented?
  • Trixie Mattel and Max went up in ranking. Trixie moved from #5 to #4, and Max moved from #7 to #5.
  • Tempest went down in ranking, from #4 to #7.
  • Max and Pearl saw the same relative increase in followers: 12%. However, Pearl has twice as many new fans (2,037 vs 1,260)
  • Similar to Miss Fame, Tempest and Sasha Belle also have a 2% increase in followers.
  • Kandy (Who?) Ho has a 1% increase in followers.

Facebook Chart


Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 4.07.30 PM

Facebook Rank

Facebook Increase #

Facebook Increase %


  • Miss Fame keeps movin’ up in the world. She gained 4,000 followers this week, for a total of 104,000 Instagram fans. With hashtags like #RollsRoyceofDrag and #beyondthisplanetbeautiful, how could she NOT have tons of followers? (Which kind of “gag” would you use?)
  • Pearl is gaining on Miss Fame. She gained 10K new followers this week (16%), for a total of 71K followers.
  • In slot #3, Violet Chachki gained 5,400 new followers, for a total of 47,800.
  • Max and Ginger Minj saw a 15% increase in followers, and Katya saw a 14% increase.

Instagram Chart

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 4.14.47 PM

Instagram Rank

Instagram Increase #

Instagram Increase %

Season 7, Episode 2: Glamazonian Airways

Ginger-Minj-Rupauls-Drag-race-Season-7-ruvealIt’s episode 2 and we are warming up to our new set of queens! I’m pretty excited that Ginger Minj won this one, and her social media following showed a strong increase on all three platforms. I asked for more screen time with her lovely face, and my fairy godmother (Ru) granted my wish!

Normally, I see an extra spike in followers for an eliminated queen immediately after her final episode. While I was too late to track it, I think Tempest got a lot of followers on her social media channels after her elimination. I love this phenomenon. The community gives a little nudge of support on her farewell. However, Sasha didn’t get that usual spike. I’m afraid she’s going to see the same flat performance that Magnolia Crawford saw last year.

At this point in time, the percent increase means more than the total numbers. Last year, Adore Delano saw high relative increases until she was practically on par with Courtney Act’s numbers. Bianca almost always had a 20%+ increase.

What else do you notice? Add your thoughts in the comments section.

I misspelled Jaidynn’s name on my graphs this week. Forgive me, Jaidynn! I would correct it, but I gotta publish this post and make guacamole today.


  • Jaidynn and Mrs. Kasha have gone up in ranking. Jaidynn moved from 12 to 11, Mrs. Kasha moved from 13 to 12.
  • It looks like Jasmine Masters recently lifted the privacy settings on her Twitter page. She also had a pretty stellar lip sync performance this week. However, she went down in ranking from #12 to #13. Her ranking may be due to her shady Untucked behavior.
  • Ginger Minj saw a 28% increase in followers due to her win on episode 2!
  • Pearl had a 26% increase in followers. The exchange between Ginger and Pearl on Untucked was pretty adorable. (Don’t form an alliance, don’t form an alliance. Okay, maybe you should. You two are kinda cute together.)
  • Katya got an 18% increase. Lip synching for her life likely helped her get noticed. Twitter Graph

Twitter #s

Twitter Rank

Twitter Increase %


  • Miss Fame now has 100,000 followers on Instagram (+3,700)! We got a nice sob story from her. Well played, Miss Fame. Hook ’em in before you get eliminated.
  • Pearl got 11,000 new followers on Instagram! WHAT?! Is this because he is the hottest boy on the show? (Gay boys, please educate this lesbian!)
  • Violet Chachki saw a 24% increase in followers, and Pearl saw a 23% increase. What’s my brilliant theory? That people like following pretty girls on Instagram. I’m a genius!
  • Kasha and Sasha swapped Instagram rankings this week. Mrs. Kasha moved up to #12, and Sasha moved down from #13.

Instagram Graph

Instagram #s

Instagram Rank

Instagram % Inc


First of all, don’t trust these numbers. Facebook is a little confusing, because some queens have friends and followers. I think I tracked friends on Katya and Ginger Minj after episode 1. Numbers should be more accurate from this point on.

  • Miss Fame, Violet and Pearl lead the pack.
  • Tempest, Trixie, Katya, Max, and Jasmine have more than 10,000 followers.
  • Tempest had a very small increase in followers this week (3%), characteristic of an already eliminated queen.
  • If my numbers are correct, Katya had a 211% increase in followers and Ginger Minj had a 58% increase. However, I think these numbers are wrong.

Facebook Graph

Facebook #s

Facebook Rank

Facebook Increase %  

Season 7, Episode 1: Born Naked

Hi Nerdy Drag Racers! I wasn’t sure if I was going to track RPDR social media this year, but someone named Feathers McGraw asked me if I was going to analyze season 7. Since I have one fan, I said YES!

Last year, Twitter did a great job of predicting the winner. However, we all knew Bianca was going to win since episode 1. This year, the winner seems a little less obvious. I’m adding in Facebook and Instagram for kicks.

Miss Fame is the Courtney Act of Season 7. She has a bazillion followers already. What makes her special? Hopefully I’ll find out soon. Right now, I just pray for more Ginger Minj screen time. That lady is SPECIAL!!

P.S. I’m working on making my graphs prettier. That might happen this season.

Here’s our baseline:


  • Miss Fame and Pearl start out with more than 10K followers.
  • Katya, Trixie, Violet, Max, Ginger Minj, and Tempest have more than 5K followers.
  • Jasmine’s Twitter page is set to private. Girl! Did Ru teach you nothing?! How is he going to make any money if you aren’t tweeting to the masses?!

Twitter S7E1 Chart

Twitter S7E1 Data


  • Miss Fame leads the pack with 31K followers.
  • Violet Chachki and Pearl are doing well.
  • Pretty girls, you bore me, but you must be good at something.

Facebook S7E1 Chart

Facebook S7E1 Data


  • Miss Fame has 96,300 followers. How is that even possible? I guess I should read up on her.
  • Pearl has almost 50,000. Holy follow-bots!

Instagram S7E1 Chart

Instagram S7E1 Data