Season 7, Episode 2: Glamazonian Airways

Ginger-Minj-Rupauls-Drag-race-Season-7-ruvealIt’s episode 2 and we are warming up to our new set of queens! I’m pretty excited that Ginger Minj won this one, and her social media following showed a strong increase on all three platforms. I asked for more screen time with her lovely face, and my fairy godmother (Ru) granted my wish!

Normally, I see an extra spike in followers for an eliminated queen immediately after her final episode. While I was too late to track it, I think Tempest got a lot of followers on her social media channels after her elimination. I love this phenomenon. The community gives a little nudge of support on her farewell. However, Sasha didn’t get that usual spike. I’m afraid she’s going to see the same flat performance that Magnolia Crawford saw last year.

At this point in time, the percent increase means more than the total numbers. Last year, Adore Delano saw high relative increases until she was practically on par with Courtney Act’s numbers. Bianca almost always had a 20%+ increase.

What else do you notice? Add your thoughts in the comments section.

I misspelled Jaidynn’s name on my graphs this week. Forgive me, Jaidynn! I would correct it, but I gotta publish this post and make guacamole today.


  • Jaidynn and Mrs. Kasha have gone up in ranking. Jaidynn moved from 12 to 11, Mrs. Kasha moved from 13 to 12.
  • It looks like Jasmine Masters recently lifted the privacy settings on her Twitter page. She also had a pretty stellar lip sync performance this week. However, she went down in ranking from #12 to #13. Her ranking may be due to her shady Untucked behavior.
  • Ginger Minj saw a 28% increase in followers due to her win on episode 2!
  • Pearl had a 26% increase in followers. The exchange between Ginger and Pearl on Untucked was pretty adorable. (Don’t form an alliance, don’t form an alliance. Okay, maybe you should. You two are kinda cute together.)
  • Katya got an 18% increase. Lip synching for her life likely helped her get noticed. Twitter Graph

Twitter #s

Twitter Rank

Twitter Increase %


  • Miss Fame now has 100,000 followers on Instagram (+3,700)! We got a nice sob story from her. Well played, Miss Fame. Hook ’em in before you get eliminated.
  • Pearl got 11,000 new followers on Instagram! WHAT?! Is this because he is the hottest boy on the show? (Gay boys, please educate this lesbian!)
  • Violet Chachki saw a 24% increase in followers, and Pearl saw a 23% increase. What’s my brilliant theory? That people like following pretty girls on Instagram. I’m a genius!
  • Kasha and Sasha swapped Instagram rankings this week. Mrs. Kasha moved up to #12, and Sasha moved down from #13.

Instagram Graph

Instagram #s

Instagram Rank

Instagram % Inc


First of all, don’t trust these numbers. Facebook is a little confusing, because some queens have friends and followers. I think I tracked friends on Katya and Ginger Minj after episode 1. Numbers should be more accurate from this point on.

  • Miss Fame, Violet and Pearl lead the pack.
  • Tempest, Trixie, Katya, Max, and Jasmine have more than 10,000 followers.
  • Tempest had a very small increase in followers this week (3%), characteristic of an already eliminated queen.
  • If my numbers are correct, Katya had a 211% increase in followers and Ginger Minj had a 58% increase. However, I think these numbers are wrong.

Facebook Graph

Facebook #s

Facebook Rank

Facebook Increase %  

6 thoughts on “Season 7, Episode 2: Glamazonian Airways”

  1. Ok I’d just like to say: #TeamKatya, but I do like Ginger.

    Pearl seemed pretty annoying and over it in the first week, so even though I thought she was cute, I wasn’t a fan. However this week (especially in Untucked) I warmed up to her a little, and she wasn’t above making stupid faces in the commentary, which was funny. She already had her general cuteness going for her but with that little spark of personality/vulnerability she showed she got reasonably interesting. However that will probably be over by next week, considering how she’s rolling her eyes at not knowing MacBeth in the previews.

    Katya’s lipsynch-for-your-life was epic, but I hope she’s going to get slightly less panicky-looking eventually.

    Pearl and Violet are very visually appealing (*cough*) and I think they are quite active over there, which explains the amount of followers they have/gained.

    I also think you may have grabbed the wrong Katya/Ginger numbers last week, but it sounds about right now. There’s no wild discrepancies in followers between the different platforms now.

    I’d expect the more funny/verbal queens to gain more quickly on twitter, and the more visual performers to gain on Instagram.

    I wonder how many girls have a dedicated Youtube channel. My girl Katya has started one with weekly videos of commentary on her RPDR performance which she promotes heavily (and they are also pretty hysterical), but I don’t think anybody else is doing that so it’ll be hard to compare.

    So my current tip for top three is probably Katya, Ginger and Pearl. I don’t think Miss Fame has the Non-Makeup skills to follow in Raja’s footsteps.

    1. I’m like Katya, too. She is such a spaz in the interviews, but definitely in a fun way. I look forward to seeing her performances in the comedy and acting challenges. I have a feeling she will stick around. I’ll check out her youtube page. Thanks for the suggestion.

      Speaking of videos, did you see Tempest’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day? I am sure this helped with her brand. Keep me posted on what you see in video land!

      I’m looking forward to assessing the differences between Twitter and Instagram this year. I agree with you – Twitter is verbal and Instagram is visual. Last year, Bianca retweeted and replied to EVERYTHING. She showed that she cared about her audience by participating in the conversation.

      I’m not sure what Facebook is good for, especially since they bury “business” pages.

      You think Pearl is top three material, eh? I have a feeling she is really smart and sarcastic, but I wonder if she’s going to be a bit of a Vivienne Pinay of this season. Curious to see if she rises to some of the challenges.

  2. I think Pearl’s looks have a lot more personality than Vivienne – I’m still laughing at her opening “Sup”, and all of her fashion choices are very capital-F-Fashion

    The Tempest video is really funny. I liked her and wish sour Kandy would have gone home instead.

    Other random thoughts: Kennedy Davenport is this season’s Coco Montrese. Maybe slightly less passive-aggressive. Trixie and Max are both great, but I don’t think they are top-three versatile/real enough. Jasmine and Kandy need to go next. I like Mrs Kasha and Jaidynn both, but they may be not long for this world.

    1. I definitely like Pearl, and I think she would be fun to hang out with. I’m a little worried about her, “I like being safe,” comment. I think Vivienne got overwhelmed by the cattiness and shut down. I don’t want Pearl to do the same. And she is gorgeous.

      I think Sasha should have gone home in episode 1. While I don’t like Kandy, she did a better lip sync. *sigh*

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this! I came across your blog as I was researching how I could perform this kind of analysis myself. I’m so happy someone has already started doing it and is sharing the results with the public! 🙂 I look forward to your future posts!

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