Season 7, Episode 8: Conjoined Queens (+ Season-Only Growth)

tumblr_nn4w6fPJf01qlvwnco1_500Ummm… this is one of my favorite RuPaul’s Drag Race episodes EVER. Not only was it the most hilarious LSFYL that I have ever seen, but I got to see if extra screen time would give a little follower-spike to the eliminated queens.

Sadly, it didn’t. None of the heartwarming stories or Untucked bonding gave any spikes to the eliminated queens. While there does tend to be a correlation between screen time and number of followers gained, it doesn’t seem to work if we know they won’t be crowned. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Jaidynn didn’t get an elimination spike. We agreed with Ru that it was time for her to go, even though we would all want to give her a BIG HUG if we saw her in person.

Pretty queen update: Miss Fame’s numbers are on the decline, Violet’s on the rise, and Pearl is still killing it. I summarize seasonal growth at the end of this post, and Pearl is ranked #1 for every channel.

Funny queen update: Trixie and Katya gained practically the same number of fans this week. Both are doing well.

Let’s take a moment to look more closely at Kennedy’s rankings, inspired by my “WHY IN JESUS’ NAME DID SHE WIN THAT MINI CHALLENGE WHEN SOMEONE ELSE DID AN HOMAGE TO PUSSY RIOT?!” reaction. It’s a similar reaction I have when Kennedy does something completely forgettable and then gets praised for it. (This does not include Little Richard. That was good.)

Look at the Twitter chart!

  • Less Popular + Mediocre Performance = Eliminated
  • Less Popular + Mediocre Performance + Receives Praise = Villain

It’s math, so it must be true.

Twitter Villain 2


  • The rankings remain unchanged.
  • Pearl, Katya, Trixie and Violet gained the most followers this week. Pearl is in the lead  (2,600; 9%), followed by Katya (2,500; 11%), Trixie (2,300; 10%) and Violet (2,200; 12%).
  • No elimination spike for Jaidynn.
  • While I expected a little spike for the eliminated queens, most gained approximately the same number of followers as in weeks past (150-500 followers).
  • Kennedy shows similar growth patterns to eliminated queens.
  • Tempest is still more popular than the rest of the eliminated queens.

RuPaul's Drag Race Twitter Followers

RuPaul's Drag Race S7E8 Twitter Totals

RuPaul's Drag Race Twitter Rank

RuPaul's Drag Race Twitter Increase # RuPaul's Drag Race Twitter Increase % Facebook

  • Pearl is now in the #1 spot, beating Miss Fame by 13 followers. She also gained the most new followers (2,694).
  • Trixie and Katya also gained a significant number of followers (2,579 and 2,568, respectively).
  • Last week, Max temporarily ousted Trixie for position #4. Trixie has jumped back up to #4, and Max is #5.
  • Jaidynn continues to climb in rank. At episode 2, she was #13. She is now #9, having leapfrogged over Jasmine this week.
  • Kennedy Davenport continues to do well in the competition, but she only gained 280 new followers (4%). Similar to Twitter, she is officially among the ranks of all eliminated queens.

RuPaul's Drag Race S7E8 Facebook Graph

RuPaul's Drag Race S7E8 Facebook Totals

RuPaul's Drag Race S7E8 Facebook Rank

RuPaul's Drag Race S7E8 Facebook Increase # RuPaul's Drag Race S7E8 Facebook Increase % Instagram

  • The rankings for Instagram remain unchanged. I keep thinking that Pearl will bypass Miss Fame any day now. Pearl gained 9,000 followers this week, compared to Miss Fame’s 5,000. She is 3,000 followers behind Miss Fame. (And 2,000 behind when I posted this blog.)
  • Jaidynn did not get an elimination spike, having gained 2,300 new followers this week, compared to 2,200 last week.
  • Jasmine gained 29 new followers this week, compared to her usual 150-250 per week. Extra screen time might have hindered followership.

RuPaul's Drag Race S7E8 Instagram Graph

RuPaul's Drag Race S7E8 Instagram Graph Instagram Totals

RuPaul's Drag Race S7E8 Instagram Graph Instagram Rank

RuPaul's Drag Race S7E8 Instagram Graph Instagram Increase # RuPaul's Drag Race S7E8 Instagram Graph Instagram Increase % Seasonal Growth

We are at a point in time that relative increase no longer matters as much, and sheer numbers does. The following charts show the queens’ gain in followers over the course of the season. Since Miss Fame started out with 96,000 Instagram followers, I wanted a chance to see the numbers gained solely as a result of being on the show.

  • Pearl is knocking it out of the park, with the most followers in each channel. She has gained about 20,000 followers on Twitter, 25,000 on Facebook, and 79,000 on Instagram. Want to know what’s funny? In her interview on Homo Happy Hour, she said she doesn’t like doing a lot of social media. SHE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE TO WORK FOR IT!
  • The funny gals (Katya and Trixie) are in 2nd and 3rd place on Twitter, with 15,500 and 15,200 new followers, respectively. The ability to pack a punch in 140 characters is important.
  • The pretty gals (Violet and Miss Fame) are in 2nd and 3rd place on Instagram with 52,200 and 35,700 new followers, respectively. This is appropriate for Instagram’s visual medium, as they do a lot of “Hey, look at my outfit!” posts.
  • Ginger is strongly middle of the road in terms of fans gained on all platforms. People say she is getting the winner’s edit, but fans aren’t buying it.
  • Tempest has gained more followers this season than the queens who were eliminated after her. On Twitter and Facebook, she gained more followers than Kennedy, Kandy, Jasmine, and Sasha.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 6.38.31 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-23 at 6.38.38 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-23 at 6.38.46 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 6.38.53 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.40.11 PM
Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 6.39.14 AM

Season 7, Episode 7: Snatch Game (+ W.W.R.P.D.? Results)

SnaaaaaaaAAAAAaaaaaatch! Game!

The Snatch Game is such an important turning point in each season of RPDR. It gives us a frame of reference for each queen. If they play well, they choose characters that give us a little more insight into their inspiration and sense of humor. Miss Fame and Violet as Donatella Versace (fashion obsessed), Pearl as Big Ang (irreverent), Jaidynn as Raven Symone (cute and goofy), and Max as Sharon Needles (WHAT? Why didn’t you do the Queen of England?).

Yeah. We were disappointed in Max. She has been so spot on in the challenges up to this point, and then she shattered our expectations. She got a healthy elimination spike, but it is not as high as Trixie’s, probably because the fans regretfully agree with RuPaul and because it’s later in the season.

Violet is starting to show a more Pearl-like growth curve. Her story arc, from cranky and defensive to more vulnerable and human (“I’m not an a-hole, I’m just shy!”) has gained her favor in the fan base. She has made significant gains this week, especially on Facebook and Instagram, where the fashion queens perform better.

Pearl is still doing well, but has less relative growth on Twitter and Facebook than in weeks past. However, she’s still number one on Twitter, and she’s killing it on Instagram, for good reason. I’m a lesbian and I can clearly see that Pearl is smokin’.

And then there’s Kennedy. She is doing well on the challenges, but not loved by the fans. The perfect villain.

Since RuPaul is consistently kicking off fan favorites this year, I added another element to my analysis: the W.W.R.P.D. poll: What Would RuPaul Do? Some people have called me the Nate Silver of Drag Race, which is so flattering. (If only.) The advantage Nate Silver has (besides having a degree in economics and being a genius statistician) is that he can use polls of the American public to predict how they will vote. You can’t poll Ru’s brain, and Ru gets to do whatever the hell she wants. So I polled a bunch of you, who were channeling RuPaul. Bottom line: RuPaul wants “something new” to her lineup of queens. Violet is fashion forward and the future of drag, and Ginger is the big girl that we sorely need to see wearing the crown. Between those two options, fans would rather see Violet get the crown. However, the real fan favorite is Katya. (This is swayed by the fact that this survey is mostly Reddit users, who spend a zillion hours on the internet and love Katya’s online presence. And while they love her presence, they are also willing to spend hours analyzing the game.)

If I had to predict right now, based on W.W.R.P.D. + social media following, I would say that Violet is going to win. She seems like the kinda thing Ru wants this year, and she is starting to seeing rapid growth in fans. (And after all, Ru makes money when the fans like a queen.)

Results from W.W.R.P.D. are after the social media stats. I’ll leave the poll up for awhile, in case you haven’t taken the poll or want to change your answers in response to new episodes.


  • Katya is now in third place, beating out Trixie by a hair (300 followers). She has gained the most new followers this week (3,300, 17%) and is gaining on Miss Fame for spot #2.
  • Mini-Elimination Spike: Max saw the highest relative increase (2,900, 20%) and holds rank at #6.
  • Violet gained more followers than usual for her. She gained 2,500 new followers, compared to about 1,800 per week.
  • Pearl is still in the #1 spot, and is in second place for the number of followers (3,000). It’s a healthy growth, but I get the feeling the days of wildly accelerated growth are ending.
  • Jaidynn and Mrs. Kasha are still battling for spots #9 and #10. Jaidynn is on top this week, with 134 more followers than MKD.
  • Kennedy Davenport finally beat Sasha Belle, and is now ranked #12.

Twitter Graph

Twitter Numbers

Twitter Rank

Twitter Increase #

Twitter Increase %


  • Max beat out Trixie for spot #4. Next week’s returning queen (uh… Trixie?) may change this. Max saw the largest relative increase in followers (2,479, 13%), a wee elimination spike.
  • Pearl gained 1,866 followers, which is good compared to other queens, but a small increase for her. She has gained 4,000-5,000 in weeks past.
  • Violet gained the most new followers (2,922, 11%). When you look at the graph, you can see that Violet’s growth curve is starting to look like Pearl’s, and she could easily catch up to Pearl and Miss Fame by the end of the season.

Facebook Graph

Facebook Numbers

Facebook Rank

Facebook Increase #

Facebook Increase %


  • Fashion forward Violet gained the most followers this week (8,100, 12%).
  • Pearl has the second highest number of followers (8,000, 7%).
  • Jaidynn has the highest relative increase in followers (15%, 2,200).
  • Max didn’t have an elimination spike on Instagram. She gained 5,600 new followers, relative to 7,400 (last week) and ~5,000 (prior weeks).
  • Mrs. Kasha Davis beat out Tempest DuJour by 200 followers. She is now ranked #10.

Instagram Graph

Instagram Numbers

Instagram Rank

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.15.44 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.15.58 PM


177 people responded to the survey. (I deleted some duplicate responses.)

  • The majority of respondents think Ru will select either Violet or Ginger (28%).
  • Next in line: Pearl (16%)

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 5.40.02 AM

This got me thinking. It’s hard to be objective in this situation, so I broke the data down a little more. What’s the difference between people who think RuPaul agrees with them, and those that think, although their favorite is X, RuPaul is the type of person who goes for Y?

For the sake of argument, let’s assume those that disagree with their channeled RuPaul are more objective than those that agree with their inner Ru.

“Objective” Responses

  • Of those that disagree with Ru, most think Ginger Minj will win (39%) because she is a big girl, and it’s time to have a big girl crowned. She is funny, does well in the challenges, and looks good.
  • Next in line: Violet Chachki (26%). Her cutting edge fashion makes her the “future of drag.”
  • A distant 3rd place is Pearl (13%).

What does this mean? People see Ginger and Violet being edited for the win, even if they want someone else.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 5.40.17 AM

Quotes about Ginger:

“The winners of RPDR are all about diversity — showing that different styles and interpretations of Drag are worthy of the crown. In this vein, the current pantheon desperately needs a big girl. Like, yesterday.”

 “I truly think [RuPaul] is showing much love to the big girls this season. I can feel it! Ginger is funny, solid on the runway with her cohesive looks, lives up to the challenges that are asked of her, and can deliver every time. Not to mention she is experienced.”

Quotes about Violet:

“A fashion forward queen who will consistently deliver great looks. She is also a young queen with an open mind to develop the RuPaul brand further after her season. Older more seasoned queens are set in their ways and most likely want to stay that way. But Violet on the other hand seems more open to change.”

 “A contrast to Bianca, showing the ‘new-edge’ of drag. Specifically she mentioned the “online generation”. Intensely dedicated and interesting aesthetic, probably the most consistent contestant that has performed well aside from Ginger Minj.”

Quotes about Pearl:

“We need a younger queen now. She has grown and continues to shine as the season continues. She has a unique style, like the rest of the winners and is liked.”

 “Because she is different, she brings attitude and talent to the table.”

“Less Objective” Responses

Of those that agree with their inner Ru:

  • Violet got 31% of the vote.
  • Pearl is in second place: 24%
  • Katya is in third place: 19%
  • Ginger is in the bottom: 2%

In this scenario, Violet and Pearl beat out Ginger by a landslide. So does Katya. So let’s look at what the fans want.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 5.40.34 AM

Fan Favorite

Because fanhood matters, the difference between Violet and Ginger is that Violet has a lot more fans than Ginger. This points toward Violet being the winner of this year’s season.

However, the redditor fans want Katya. The quotes about Katya are so effervescent. She obviously brings an enormous amount of joy to her fans.

  • Katya Katya Katya Katya Stan: 35%
  • Violet is a close second: 22%
  • Ginger Minj has 3% of the vote
  • 2% of users want Kennedy Davenport

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 5.39.54 AM

Quotes about Katya:

“Katya aka Mom has the perfect CUNT of all seasons. She’s hilarious, hot, campy and still a glamorous queen. Her drag is interesting in a lot of ways and a lot of people can relate to her crazy attitude. She’s comedy without being shady and she’s always delivering (even when she was in the bottom two, she purposely screwed up the challenge *I wish* to kill that lipsync). Moreover, as a winner she will bring a better attitude and vibe to the Drag Race Royalty. Her performances are everything and I could just sit and talk to her forever because she’s so awesome. Mom is love, Mom is life.”

“She’s the full package for me. She can be funny, she can be glamorous, and she can lip sync her tail off. Plus she seems very smart and savvy with social media so she would be a good representative of the RPDR brand.”

Last but not least, this quote makes me wonder and hope that Katya answered my survey. swoon

“If we start by dropping to our knees, in awe, before an Afrocentric High Priestess of chimeric origin (i.e., BeBe Zahara Benet) and then emerge from her holy ziggurat to mix with the rabble outside, and link arms with one irascible, resourceful creature whose primary defense mechanism is camouflaging herself as Beyonce (i.e., Tyra Sanchez), and if we then proceed to find trouble with the law and go on the lam, alone, hiding in the city’s adjacent desert, and, there, if we capture a sylph, born from sun rays, and adopt her for as long as she remains on this plane of existence (i.e., Raja) — and if one day she evanesces, and we have a crisis, and stumble at night into a cult on the outskirts, where a re-animated skeleton (who dresses in the glad rags of meretricious ladies who’ve perished during pilgrimage) invites us to indulge our most private pleasures — and if we take up that invitation, and wake one day in a damp little town, having traveled the world and lost all our friends, and, depressed, at last find comfort in a traveling circus (pitched laboriously wherever there’s room) and become smitten with a Gelsomina clown girl who shouts her songs over the barking dogs — and if we feel optimistic, and join her act, and if that act goes overseas, so that we board a ship, and if that ship is taken by pirates, so that those of us who survive are indentured as servants, and if we’re ridiculed by a garrulous, emerald-tinged bird of paradise that perches high above, laughing at us till we ourselves laugh, finally detached from this world, and laughing, disdainfully, at everything — then Katya should be next, to represent resignation to anarchic goofiness.”

Season 7, Episode 6: Ru Hollywood Stories

Bob Ross Shark and Bear
Photo Credit: Bob Ross Paints Lovecraftian Horrors

Hello, Gay Sports Fans! Welcome to a pleasantly more predictable week on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Kandy Ho went home after her third LSFYL, Jaidynn got some screen time and extra love from the fans, and Katya freaking won a challenge!

There has been a lot of talk about Millennials this year. Why are they doing so well? Why do we love them? After the social media summary below, you’ll find some graphs illustrating the correlation between age and social media followers. Spoiler: there isn’t one.

This week’s social media star is Jaidynn Diore Fierce. A coming out story, a teary eyed session about her hand-sewn costume (with sympathy from Violet!), and winning LSFYL. She got more screen time and a nice spike in followers on Facebook. Hugs all around, people.

Kandy Ho did not get an elimination spike, likely because fans expected her to go home. She’s a lovely human being, but not extremely popular. Therefore, there wasn’t the resounding outrage and social media activity that we get with highly popular queens like Trixie.

I expected Katya to gain more followers than usual this week. While she is still doing well, I don’t see any big spikes.


  • Pearl is still in the lead with 26,500 followers, very closely mirroring Bianca’s growth curve from last year. Not only has she seen steep growth, but it will be hard to beat her totals. She gained 3,000 followers this week (13%).
  • Miss Fame continues to do well, with 22,400 followers, gaining 1,800-1,900 each week. She’s pretty AND weird! Winning combo for this show. Maybe she’s growing on me. Maybe.
  • Katya acquired an impressive 2,200 new followers (13%), bringing her total to 19,100. While her win likely helped, she has gained between 2,000 and 2,300 new followers for the past three episodes.
  • Jaidynn Diore Fierce has the highest relative increase in followers (14% – 843 new followers), due to increased screen time and heartwarming story.
  • Mrs. Kasha and Jaidynn have moved up in rank (to #9 and #10, respectively) with Kandy Ho moving down from #9 to #11. However, the difference between these queens is miniscule: 7,076; 7,053; and 6,717 followers, respectively. We will likely see a lot more shifting among these three.

Twitter Chart

Twitter Numbers

Twitter Rank

Twitter Increase #

Twitter Increase %


I want to take a moment to talk about how confusing Facebook’s numbers are. First of all, some queens have Profiles and some have Pages, so I need to make sure I’m reporting on the right page each week. That’s why Katya and Ginger’s numbers are way off in Episode 2. If you care enough to learn about the difference between Pages and Profiles, read this article.

But then, the numbers that I get during search are different from the numbers I see on their full pages. Look below. I typed in Jaidynn’s name and saw 7,685 likes. Then I opened up her page and saw 9,959 likes. I’m sure the number is cached in search, but jeez. These inconsistencies make me question my numbers.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.59.15 PM
Search screen for Facebook: 7,685 likes!
Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.59.26 PM
Look at Jaidynn’s page! 9,959! Big difference, people!
  • Speaking of Jaidynn, holy smokes! Look at that Episode 6 spike. She normally gains about 200-700 followers per week. She gained 2,934, which is 43%! She also jumped from #12 to #10.
  • Mrs. Kasha Davis and Kandy Ho have moved down in ranking, from #10 to #11, and from #11 to #12, respectively.
  • Miss Fame is still in the lead with 37,729 followers, but Pearl is gaining on her quickly and will likely be first place within the next couple of episodes. Pearl gained 4,937 new Facebook followers (17%).
  • While Violet gains about 1,500 new followers each episode, she gained 2,790 this week. Showing her softer side piqued fans’ interest.
  • Katya has gained significantly more followers each week over the past four episodes. This week’s win and extra screen time gave her 2,867 new followers (19%).
  • Max has gained 20% more followers this week (3,324). She is doing consistently well in the popularity race, and might pass Trixie in the next episode.
  • To put this in perspective, Kennedy Davenport has a vibrant social media presence, but has only gained 100-300 followers each week. This week, her stellar runway look gained her 209 more followers (3%).

Facebook Chart

Facebook Numbers

Facebook Rank 2

Facebook Increase #

Facebook Increase %


  • Miss Fame is still aHEAD in Instagram land. See what I did there?
  • Pearl is gaining on Miss Fame. I predict that she will oust Miss Fame from the #1 seat after next week’s episode.
  • Violet Chachki did significantly better than usual this week. She tends to gain about 5,000-6,000 new followers. This week, she gained 10,100 (17%).
  • Max and Trixie swapped places. Max gained 7,400 new followers (16%) and is now in 4th place. Trixie gained 4,000 new followers (8%) and is in 5th place.
  • Jaidynn gained 2,000 new followers (16%), knocking Tempest down to position #10.
  • Kennedy’s numbers are closely aligned with eliminated queens. Foreshadowing?

Instagram Graph

Instagram Numbers

Instagram Rank

Instagram Increase #

Instagram Increase %

Millennials’ Advantage?

Word on the street is that the younguns are getting a lot more followers. This is in sharp contrast to Season 6, which was dominated by Bianca and Courtney. I ran a quick test to see if there is a relationship between age and number of followers. As you can see from the highly wackadoodle graphs below, there is not a strong relationship between age and followers. Yes, those above the age of 34 don’t do as well, but Jaidynn and Kandy don’t do so great either.

For those not statistically inclined, an R-squared of 0.24 is really low. A healthy correlation would have an R-squared of at least 0.7 or 0.8, but really would need to be closer to 0.9. To those of you who are statistically inclined, I don’t mean to offend you. Feel free to make comments about my stats explanation. But do it nicely. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 1.03.01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 1.03.10 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 1.03.18 PM

Season 7, Episode 5: The DESPY Awards (with C.U.N.T. survey results!)

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 12.13.49 AM

Here we are at Episode 5. I don’t have much to crow about. The most interesting thing about this week’s social media stats is that very little has changed. Mrs. Kasha Davis got some love after she flew the coop. Although Pearl’s behavior ruffled some feathers, she still saw amazing fan growth. But the rankings seem to be becoming more fixed. If the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook rankings are to predict the top 3, it will be Pearl, Miss Fame and either Violet or Katya. It’s only episode 5, so don’t count all your chickens before they are hatched.

This week, I also asked RPDR Redditors to take a poll and evaluate the queens’ Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent. I was hoping for 20 responses, but Lordy! Y’all are more obsessed with this show than I am! I got 930 responses. The survey results appear below the social media summary. I’m more inclined to use the survey results to predict the top 3: Katya, Max, and Violet. In fact, Katya scored so well on all four categories, that she should probably be America’s Next Drag Superstar. If only she had more screen time. (Jesus.)

Let’s take a look at the rankings from this time last year: Season 6, Episode 5 (which was the Snatch Game). The top 3 Twitter rankings were Courtney, Adore, and Bianca. However, Bianca was #3 and Courtney was #1. Things still have plenty of time to shift around, especially after the Snatch Game.

S6E5 Followers Total

I’ll be so bold as to make this prediction. The top 3 will NOT include Kandy, Kennedy, Jaidynn, and Ginger. I have a feeling no one is shocked about Kandy, Kennedy and Jaidynn (and gosh, I really do think Jaidynn is adorable), but Ginger is a little surprising. She’s not only doing kinda meh in the social media race, but her C.U.N.T. ratings were middle of the road. Who knows, though. As Mrs. Kasha Davis said in her Advocate article, “The reality show business is one that Ginger Minj is obviously playing well, in that she gives them what they want and it’s aired!”


  • There is not a lot of change in the pecking order. One exception: Mrs. Kasha Davis moved up to #10, and Jaidynn moved down to #11.
  • Growth is slow this week. Ginger has the most relative growth (14%), closely followed by Mrs. Kasha, Katya, Trixie, and Violet (13%).
  • If Twitter were to decide the top 3, it would be Pearl, Miss Fame, and Katya. (Trixie beats Katya, but she doesn’t count since she is eliminated.)

Twitter Chart

Twitter Numbers

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 10.39.49 PM

Twitter Increase (#)

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 10.40.01 PM


  • There is more movement in rankings on Facebook than Twitter. Ginger and Mrs. Kasha have moved up in rank (to #7 and #10, respectively). Tempest, Jasmine, Kandy, and Kennedy have moved down in rank (to #8, #9, #11, and #13, respectively).
  • Mrs. Kasha Davis has a nice elimination spike. She has historically gained about 5-7% new followers each week. This week, she gained 18% new followers.
  • Pearl had the most growth this week (23%), with Ginger closely behind (21%).
  • Max, Trixie, Mrs. Kasha, and Katya all had strong growth, between 18% – 19%.
  • If Facebook were to decide the top 3, it would be Miss Fame, Pearl, and Violet.

Facebook Graph

Facebook Numbers

Facebook Rank

Facebook Increase (#)

Facebook Increase (%)


  • The rankings are unchanged on Instagram. Miss Fame still rules the roost.
  • Pearl showed the most relative growth at 15% (12,600 new followers). Look at her histogram! It’s like a big, pointy spike!
  • Katya (+5,200) and Ginger (+2,500) each gained 14% more Instagram fans.
  • There is very little growth for Kandy, Tempest, Jaidynn, Mrs. Kasha, Kennedy, Sasha, and Jasmine.
  • If Instagram were to choose the top 3, it would be Miss Fame, Pearl, and Violet.

Instagram Graph

Instagram Numbers

Instagram Rank

Instagram Increase (#)

Instagram Increase (%)

C.U.N.T. Survey

Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey. Below are the average results for each queen, as well as standard deviation, which is color coded. (I won’t get into the definition of standard deviation, but it’s basically a measure of the amount of variation in responses. For example, if everyone gave Katya a 10 in charisma, the standard deviation would be 0, because there is no variation in responses.)

It was not only fun to see how the numbers panned out, but also to see the subsequent discussion on Reddit. Here is one of my favorite quotes from /u/deathcabscutie, who tried very hard to differentiate between liking a queen and objectively rating her C.U.N.T.:

“I’m surprised by how seriously I’m taking this. I’m talking my way through each queen because I want to be fair, and I’m only halfway through uniqueness after at least 5 minutes working on this. I’m trying to separate my feelings about how much I like a queen from how much I think they exemplify each category.

“For instance, I didn’t really love Jasmine Masters by the time she was eliminated, but I gave her REALLY high marks for charisma because in the first episode she was the queen who most seemed to grab everyone’s attention with her infectious energy. EVERYONE was talking about her with stunned surprise at how much of an impression she made on them. I mean, literally the day before almost everyone was writing her off as basically not deserving of being cast.”

Total Score

  • Katya got the highest total score, as she scored between 8.0-9.0 average for each category.
  • Max is second place, with her highest score in uniqueness (9.2 average), and her lowest in nerve (7.2).
  • Trixie takes third place, with her highest score in uniqueness (9.0), and her lowest in nerve (7.5).
  • Violet is in fourth place, with her highest score in nerve (8.9), and her lowest score in charisma (6.4).

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 9.35.12 PM


  • Katya, Trixie, and Max have the highest scores in charisma.
  • Katya also has the lowest standard deviation (1.6), which means there is the least amount of variation in votes.
  • The highest variation was in Tempest and Jasmine. I have a feeling Tempest’s is high because we didn’t get to know her, and Jasmine’s is high because she has been polarizing.

Charisma Graph

Charisma Table


  • Max got the highest average score (9.2), and the lowest standard deviation (1.6).
  • Trixie’s score was very close to Max’s: 9.0 with 1.7 standard deviation.
  • Kennedy, Jasmine, and Kandy score the lowest in uniqueness (3.2-4.0).

Uniqueness Graph

Uniqueness Table



  • Violet scored highest in nerve (8.9), also with the lowest standard deviation (1.8).
  • Katya still kicks @$$ (8.2 average, 1.8 STDEV)
  • Pearl scored high on nerve (8.0), but also has one of the highest standard deviations (2.3). Redditor /u/romaselli helps me understand why there might be more variability for her: “I was going to… give Pearl (and Jasmine) high marks for nerve, but I thought about it some more and ultimately decided to flip it around, and gave them both very low marks. Yes they had the nerve to talk back to Ru and to not take criticism well, but I don’t think thats what the Nerve in C.U.N.T. is about, but more about going all-in in a challenge that may be totally out of your comfort zone, and not buckling under the pressure of the competition. For that I gave Jaydinn, Kasha and Ginger a good nerve ranking.”

Nerve Graph

Nerve Table


  • Katya scored highest in talent (8.8), also with the lowest standard deviation (1.6).
  • Max is a close second: 8.7 average, 1.8 STDEV.
  • Violet got strong scores for talent, which makes me happy. I think that grumpy introvert works hard: 8.5 average, 1.9 STDEV.

Talent Graph

Talent Table