Season 7, Episode 9: Divine Inspiration (+ Hotness Correlation)

Trixie and Ginger

John Waters was on Drag Race! The queens’ ugliness got to shine, sending Miss Fame home. Ginger and Trixie smashed some eggs and Katya spread her legs. It was a beautiful mess.

There’s just something about Pearl. If Bianca’s Twitter track record is any indication, Pearl could win this thing.

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that Pearl has been ranked #1 on Twitter since episode 3. She is now #1 on Instagram, and #2 on Facebook, second only to Miss Fame by only 218 followers. Now that Fame has disappeared, it it very likely that Pearl will jump to #1 on Facebook by next week.


Speaking of Pearl, I also looked at the correlation between hotness and number of followers. People keep asking if Pearl is doing well because boy-Pearl is hot. The short answer:  Definitely on Instagram, yes on Facebook and Twitter. But personality matters. More detail below.*

It was a good week for Katya. Her Brooklyn hipster crocheted realness gave her a chance to shine. She gained the most followers this week on Twitter and Facebook, and gained more followers than usual on Instagram.

Miss Fame had a small elimination spike on Facebook and Instagram, potentially also due to the release of her catchy song, Rubber Doll. On Facebook, she gained about 2-3 times more followers than her usual (2,300 vs. 800). She gained about 20% more than her usual on Instagram. However, Miss Fame saw no spike on Twitter. Evidently, 140 characters isn’t her forte.

Jasmine lost Instagram followers this week. When I went to check out her page, I saw that she marked her page as private. This makes me sad that she has done so poorly in PR land, especially since Trixie said Jasmine is one of the funniest queens on the show.

We are getting close to the end of the season. (Boo.) This means that we can look more at seasonal growth, rather than relative increase in fans. I’ll keep including the seasonal rankings until the end of the show. While many people think that Ginger will win (winner’s edit, time for a big girl), the remaining queens that we are drawn to are Pearl, Katya, Trixie, and Violet. As I’ve said before, the pretty queens are doing better on Instagram, and the funny queens are doing better on Twitter. Except for Pearl. She’s just doing well.


  • There are no changes in rank for the past two episodes.
  • Katya is in third place by 100 followers, right behind Miss Fame. I predict that she will be 2nd place by next week.
  • The following queens have seen the most growth over the season: Pearl (22,700), Katya (18,061), and Trixie (17,009).
  • Katya gained the most new followers this week (2,500), followed by Pearl (2,200).
  • Violet and Trixie both gained 1,800 followers. Ginger gained 1,700.
  • No elimination spike for Miss Fame. She is still doing well, with 1,600 new followers this week (6%), similar to last week (1,500).

Twitter Graph

Twitter Totals

Twitter Rank

Twitter Increase #

Twitter Increase %

Twitter Season Graph

Twitter Season Grid


  • Miss Fame and Pearl have been competing for spot #1 for the last couple of weeks. Miss Fame is beating Pearl by 218 followers. I predict that Pearl will return to #1 after next week’s episode.
  • Max is back in 4th place, with Trixie knocked down to spot #5. This rivalry is still strong. Max is only beating Trixie by 83 followers.
  • Katya gained the most followers (2,529; 11%).
  • Miss Fame is a close second, with 2,313 / 6% new followers. She has a bit of an elimination spike this week, as she has typically gotten less than a thousand followers for the past couple of weeks.
  • Kennedy is hanging out at spot #13.

Facebook Graph

Facebook Totals

Facebook Rank

Facebook Increase #

Facebook Increase %

Facebook Season Graph

Facebook Season Grid


  • Pearl is now ranked #1. She has gained 10,000 followers in the last week, and 89,000 followers since episode 1. That’s more followers than most queens have, period.
  • Violet gained 9,200 followers this week, which is slightly higher than the last couple of weeks (8,100 and 8,600).
  • Katya had a bit of a spike this week. She gained 7,200 followers. In weeks past, she gained about 4,500-6,000 new followers.
  • Jaidynn beat Kandy for spot #8. Kandy is now #9.
  • Jasmine has closed her Instagram account and now has a small drop in followers.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 6.17.41 AM

Instagram Totals

Instagram Rank

Instagram Increase #

Instagram Increase %  Instagram Season Graph

Instagram Season Growth


My readers often wonder if Pearl is doing so well because boy-Pearl is hot. It’s correlation time! Is there a relationship between hotness and fans? I asked the RPDR reddit community to rank their queen-hotness and boy-hotness, and 1,830 responded. In addition, since one person wondered if there was a relationship between queen-hotness and boy-hotness, I ran a regression on that as well.


  • The hottest boys are Pearl, Miss Fame and Max.
  • The hottest queens are Violet, Miss Fame and Pearl.
  • The least hot boys are Ginger, Jasmine and Kennedy.
  • The least hot queens are Jasmine, Tempest and Ginger.
  • The strongest correlations are:
    • Boy hotness and Instagram followers (R = 0.884).*
    • Queen hotness and Instagram followers (R = 0.875).
  • The weakest correlations are:
    • Drag Queen hotness and Facebook followers (R = 0.756).
    • Drag Queen hotness and Twitter followers (R = 0.788).
    • Boy hotness and Facebook followers (R = 0.796).
  • Queens that are hotter than their boys include Violet, Katya, Kandy, Jaidynn, Kennedy and Ginger.
  • Boys that are hotter than their queens include Trixie and Sasha.
  • However, there is a strong correlation between boy hotness and queen hotness (R = 0.866).

What does this mean?

  1. Hotness really matters on Instagram. Drag race involves a runway, after all.
  2. Hotness is enhanced by personality. If we took this poll after episode 1, Kandy would be beating Katya on both rating systems. But Katya has opened her legs and won our hearts. Hot.
  3. Hotness doesn’t matter as much on Facebook and Twitter, but it still matters. (Who wants to rate their personalities next week? Meeee.)
  4. There is a very strong relationship between queen hotness and boy hotness. I don’t think we can be objective when rating hotness. The boy informs the queen, and the queen informs the boy. We can’t separate those two packages.

Boy Hotness Queen Hotness Queen vs Boy HotnessScreen Shot 2015-05-02 at 4.19.38 PM

* Note: I accidentally used R-squared instead of R at first. This has been changed since the initial post.

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