Season 8 Speculation – In Graphs

Last July and August, Nancy Drews from around the world uncovered the mysterious disappearances of about 20 drag queens. You can see their rationale in this amaze-balls link or this incredible magic or /u/buddy311’s site. Which of those ended up on Season 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race? I dunno. I am not pretending to be a Nancy. I’m more like her best friend George and made some ugly graphs of their social media disappearances. We’ll know soon (if World of Wonder has their shit together) who made the cut and who was bluffing.

Tabulation Station – How did I do this?

  • From June 20 – July 11 (pre-filming), I counted the number of posts per WEEK on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and tumblr.
  • From July 12 – October 1, I counted the number of posts per DAY on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and tumblr.
  • The first bar in the graph shows the AVERAGE per DAY a three week period preceding filming (June 20-July 12).
  • It should be noted that Pride season is right before filming begins. Pride season probably has higher than average social media activity.
  • It’s important to take note of the y-axis for each queen. Some might do 3 posts per day. Some might do 70.

Gone During Full Filming Season

  • Bob the Drag Queen
  • Kim Chi
  • Robbie Turner
  • Skarlet Starlet
  • Thorgy Thor

Bob the Drag Queen

Average of 3.5 posts per day before filming. Disappeared from social media throughout filming.

Reddit Report: Didn’t show up to her usual gig, with a different queen filling in for her “last minute.” (/u/ivanluza)

Bob the Drag Queen Posts Per Day

Kim Chi

Average of 4.5 posts per day prior to filming.

Reddit Report: Has been replaced by another queen on ticketing site (/u/buddy311).

Kim Chi Posts Per Day

Robbie Turner

Average of about 6 posts per day prior to filming.

Reddit Report: No activity since her post about breaking her ankle and going to the hospital, on July 11th. Has had a fill-in at his normal gig since Wednesday 8th. (/u/danileigh)

Robbie Turner Posts Per Day

Skarlet Starlet

Average of about 5 posts per day prior to filming.

Reddit Report: Posted a random video on July 13th on IG.

Skarlet Starlet Posts Per Day

Thorgy Thor

Average of 0.5 posts per day prior to filming.

Reddit Report: No longer listed as one of the hosts of her show (/u/heychrisk) and has a replacement (/u/elusive-chanteuse). Locked her season 3 audition video on Vimeo(/u/public_sex). Ruby Roo hosts a gig with Thorgy : she tagged her on July 17th BUT also didn’t say Thorgy would be hosting.

Thorgy Thor Posts Per Day

Less Activity During Filming (Ghost Writer? Half-Assed PR Stunt?) 

  • Cynthia Lee Fontaine
  • Derrick Barry (other channels)
  • Discord Addams
  • Haley Star
  • Naysha Lopez

Cynthia Lee Fontaine

Average of about two posts per day prior to filming.

Reddit Report: From /u/ExperienceTheDivine: So I just noticed that Jizzabella is following Dax, Bob, Kim, Naysha, Cynthia, Robbie, Skarlet and Thorgy on Twitter…BUT, she’s also recently following certain queens that were originally speculated, but soon debunked, such as Laila, Haley Star, April Showers, Tara Miso, Discord and Harlet…Which makes me feel like she may actually not be on and decided to follow every possibility for the season 8 cast to make her look more likely…Discuss!

Cynthia Lee Fontaine Posts Per Day

Derrick Barry – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tumblr

Derrick has an average of five posts per day on social media. During filming, her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were still fairly active, but (Nancy!) her tumblr was essentially non-existent during filming. HaHA!

Derrick Barry Posts Per Day (All)


Derrick Barry tumblr

Discord Addams

Discord Addams averaged one post per day prior to filming, and was silent from July 14-22, returning on July 23rd.

Reddit Report: Noted in the “Congrats, you fooled us” column. If we weren’t being fooled, then Discord came home early.

Discord Addams Posts Per Day

Haley Star

Averaged about 2.2 posts per day pre-season. Was only silent from July 13-14.

Reddit: Noted in “Congrats, you fooled us” column, but also was followed by Jizzabella.

Haley Star Posts Per Day

Naysha Lopez

Averaged less than one post per day prior to filming. Re-appeared on July 31st.

Reddit Report: Another queen appears to be filling in for her (/u/NiHaoDoesSheDoIt).

Naysha Lopez Posts Per Day

Gone Longer Than Filming

  • Acid Betty
  • B. Ames

Acid Betty

Averaged less than one post per day before filming. Was silent on social media until September 4th.

Reddit Report: Highly suspected, and on /u/buddy311’s list.

Acid Betty Posts Per Day

B. Ames

Has not posted on Twitter since May 29, and on Instagram since June.

Reddit Report: Has deleted the vast majority of her songs and hasn’t been active on social media for a month. (/u/lumber_jackoff)

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 3.45.45 PM

Gone At the Beginning of Filming (Came Back?)

  • Aubrey Jolie
  • Cherri Baum
  • Dax Exclamation
  • Myling Belle
  • Harlet Wench
  • Jizzabella

Aubrey Jolie

Posted an average of once per day prior to filming. Absent from July 12 – August 1.

Reddit Report: Gig on July 18th (/u/MagieSullivan12).

Aubrey Jolie Posts Per Day

Cherri Baum

Okay, this one is fun. I like to call it the “nanny-nanny-boo-boo-stick-your-head-in-dog-doo publicity stunt.” (NNBBSYHIDDPS) Cherri Baum is a perfect contender for the Phi Phi / Roxxxy spot, if she was/will ever be on the show.

  1. First, Cherri disappeared from social media after July 4th and reappeared on July 26th.
  2. She reappeared with a “begs the question” post on Facebook. (See below.) Something about wanting to slap a bitch.
  3. Then, she posts an “I can’t believe you believed me,” post. I love it when trolls troll other trolls. (Cherri, I’m sorry your brother died.)
  4. She got an interview with Feast of Fun to talk about not disappearing, and hinting that Alaska is a meany (um, if you get on RPDR, please hire a better publicity consultant).
  5. And then I grab the bait and write about it here. You’re welcome, Cherri.

Cherri posted an average of once per day prior to filming. Absent from the week of July 12 until July 31.

Reddit Report: Not active since July 4th. (/u/AustrianTilapia). Hints from Sharon Needles a Pittsburgh queen was on S8. (/u/dragpgh). Returned to Social Media on July 26th talking about slapping a bitch.

Cherri Baum Season 8 Social Media Activity


Exhibit 1: A "Begs the question" post
Exhibit A: “Begs the question” post
Exhibit B: Trolling trolls and a dead brother.
Exhibit B: Trolly Trolly!

Dax Exclamation

Averaged 1.5 posts per day prior to filming. Returned on August 11th.

Reddit Report: She is following and followed by other Season 8 speculated queens.

Dax Exclamation Posts Per Day

Myling Belle

Reappeared on July 31st, performing in a show that night.

Reddit Report: reappeared on July 31st. Hadn’t posted anything since July 10th (/u/Lumber_Jackoff) but was spotted active on July 17th. Hadn’t hosted her Wednesday night open stage at her home since the beginning of July. (/u/Mermaid_Boy94)


Myling Belle Posts Per Day

Myling Belle

Harlet Wench

Averaged one post per day prior to filming. Disappeared on July 5th with a fractured arm. Returned on July 15th with “Had such a fun time visiting LA these past few days…”

Reddit Report: Debunked category, but I’m not sure why. (Anyone want to fill me in?)

Harlet Wench Posts Per Day

Harlet Wench Departure and Return


Posted an average of four times per day prior to filming. Disappeared during filming and returned on August 4th. Posts below.

Reddit Report: Did not make /u/buddy311’s final list.

Jizzabella Posts Per Day

Jizzabella Twitter

Not Much Social Media Activity (Hard to Tell)

  • Laila McQueen
  • Naomi Smalls
  • Queen Bee Ho
  • Tara Miso Rice

Laila McQueen

Averages about one post per week. Specifically, she had 0 posts from June 20-June 26, 3 posts from June 27-July 3, and 0 posts from July 4-July 11. One post on July 16th, and no more posts until August 20th.

Reddit Report: Not very active since July 7th (/u/Moschino_barbiez) but posted a throwback pic on July 16th(/u/ExperienceTheDivine) and shared a random video on July 19th (/u/myhatrules). No longer tagged by friends at her Madfish Sushi Bar gig (/u/andrewxlarson) Replied “lol news to me” to speculations on the WeLoveQueens IG page. and tagged by Nicohl D Lafontaine on FB (/u/andrewxlarson).

Laila McQueen Posts Per Day

Naomi Smalls

Averaged about 1-2 posts per week prior to filming. Next post was on July 14th. Naomi doesn’t embrace social media, so it’s hard to tell.

But /u/buddy311 says she’s going to be on.

Reddit Report: Posting a lot of throwback photos on Instagram. Last post that is viewable on Facebook was on June 19thMentioned by /u/multipliedbyten as one of the girls present during the live audience challenge.

Naomi Smalls Posts Per Day

Tara Miso Rice

Averaged one post every other day prior to filming. Lots of activity on August 6th, and then no more activity until August 18th. Not a lot of social media activity since then.

Reddit Report: In debunked / congrats you fooled us section; also followed by Jizzabella.


Tara Miso Rice Posts Per Day

Chi Chi DeVayne

I didn’t track her activity! Ooooooops.

Reddit Report: Was MIA on Facebook between July 11th and August 20th. Recently created a Twitter and Instagram account. Her boy Facebook was also inactive between July 6th and August 20th. Reportedly had no gigs around Louisiana during filming dates (/u/a-martini). Followed Naomi Smalls’s Fan Page and was recently added on Facebook by Cynthia Lee Fontaine and Dax Exclamation (/u/NotRuPaul).

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