Season 8, Pre-Season

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Acid Betty Instagram Art

Hello again, squirrel friends! We’re here! Season 8! The lineup looks fabulous, and I’m so excited to watch them all become famous over the next few months.

Our magical Reddit group predicted all but one of the contestants this summer. I spent the summer feverishly tracking about 25 queens’ social media activity. Today, we can see how many followers Season 8 queens have gained simply by being selected by RuPaul. This week’s post will be pretty light, with full fledged posts in weeks to come.

Right now, the leaders of the social media pack are Kim Chi, Derrick Barry, Bob the Drag Queen, and Acid Betty. Kim Chi has already been associated with RPDR queens in the past, which gave her an edge prior to Ru’s announcement. Derrick Barry… because Britney in Vegas. Bob the Drag Queen is hilarious and loved by the Redditors. Acid Betty has an incredibly creative aesthetic (Renaissance alien runway?).

This year, it seems that Ru is going after a more avant garde queen. Between Acid Betty, Kim Chi, and Dax’s stunning caricatures, to Thorgy and Bob’s irreverence, I get a stronger sense of performance art from this group.

Inaccuracy Notices

  • My summer 2015 count is based on two different dates: July 19 (first week of filming) and Aug 16 (right after filming). For some reason, I only recorded one or the other for each queen. I consolidated them into “Summer 2015” for the sake of comparison.
  • I did not track Chi Chi DeVayne this summer.
  • Some queens switched from Friend pages to Fan pages on Facebook. Since I’ll be using Fan pages during Season 8, I went ahead and mixed the two numbers in these graphs. In other words, you see the number of friends from this summer, and the number of fans from this February.

Instagram – Who’s Fun to Look At?

  • Kim Chi has a Miss Fame level lead, with 85K followers on Instagram.
  • Derrick Barry and Bob the Drag Queen are closely tied for second, with 51K and 45K followers, respectively. Bob has had more growth than Derrick as a result of the S8 announcement (Jan 31 to Feb 29). Derrick, who had no Instagram in summer 2015, had more growth than Bob between Summer 2015 and the night before the announcement (Jan 31).
  • Acid Betty and Naomi Smalls have the next tier, with ~28K followers.

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Twitter – Who’s Fun to Talk To?

  • Kim Chi has the lead, with 11,400 Twitter followers.
  • Derrick Barry and Bob the Drag Queen are closely tied for second place, with ~8,700 followers each.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.46.59 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.46.45 AM 

Facebook – Who’s Your BFF?

Facebook is strange, since a lot of RPDR drag queens tend to switch their pages from a Friend page to a Fan page and increase their privacy settings on their personal pages. Therefore, don’t trust these numbers when you’re looking at growth.

  • Derrick Barry strongly leads the Facebook pack, with 33K followers. She also started with the strongest following this summer, with 17.6K followers. As of this summer, she posted on Facebook almost daily, and likely has a following from her impersonation work in Vegas. If you read my post on Season 8 speculation, you’ll see that the tumblr page is probably the only one she personally keeps up. 😉 😉 😉
  • Acid Betty, Bob the Drag Queen, and Kim Chi are tied for second, with 10K-12K followers.
  • Cynthia Lee Fontaine and Chi Chi DeVayne started their fan pages right around February 2nd.

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