Season 8, Episode 7: Shady Politics

When I learned that this week’s episode was about politics, I had bad flashbacks to “Frock the Vote” and was curling my toes in anticipatory embarrassment for this season’s queens. Fortunately, they let it be a big goof-off and didn’t hire Dan Savage (love ya, Dan) to give serious critiques. Toes uncurling. Phew.


  • Bob is going to win. She has a great challenge score and is highly popular.
  • Kim is more popular than Bob.
  • Derrick has a redemption story arc. It’s a mildly flavored red herring.
  • Naomi continues her dark horse story arc. Another red herring, but more than likely a Miss Congeniality edit. Low challenge score. Nope.
  • Chi Chi has a low challenge score and is less popular than the others. Nopey nope nope.

Bob the Crowned Queen

As I said above, Bob is going to win this thing. Bob’s challenge score is extremely high, and when you take into account the “safe sucks” theory, her score is even higher. In the W.W.R.P.D. survey, 52% of respondents said that Bob was going to win. The biggest drawback of Bob is that she is not as popular as Kim Chi. This is probably due to her story arc, which has had more highs and lows than Kim’s.

If Not Bob, then Who?

If it’s not Bob, it feels like the competition is between Bob the Loud Queen and Kim the Sneak Attack Queen, who also has a high challenge score. Kim is more popular, and has about 100K more followers than Bob on Instagram (253K vs. 155K), and 5K more on Twitter (35K vs. 30K). However, Kim is only gaining about 1K new followers on Facebook each week, indicating that she might be coming down from her peak.

Naomi has a dark horse story, and Chi Chi has had a lot of screen time, but both of them have low Challenge scores. While Derrick got a redemption story arc this week, and a good Challenge score as a result of her win (and a win due to working with Bob), her edit has been very negative throughout this competition, and not because she is bitchy, but because she is bland and whiny.

Elephant in the Room – Thorgy Elimination

Prior to episode 7, 37% of our poll respondents (n=470) thought that Thorgy was definitely going to be Top 3. Thirty-eight percent (38%) thought she was going to be Top 3, but had doubts. Seventy-five percent (75%) were leaning toward yes, which makes this week’s elimination a nice shocker, and I expected an elimination spike for Thorgy. She did get an elimination spike on Facebook, but not much on Instagram and Twitter. This may be because people agreed with the edit and suddenly saw the endearing quirkiness as annoying.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.03.16 PM

If you look at Thorgy’s story arc, she has skewed mostly positive, but was starting to fall in episode 6. She had a good challenge score in episode 6, just behind Bob and Kim. Last week, 15% of respondents thought Thorgy was going to be crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar, just behind Bob and Kim. This week, producers put her weaknesses under a magnifying lens, and she was chopped off. I assumed that, if she weren’t top 3, she was getting a Miss Congeniality edit. Given her behavior on Untucked, I don’t think they want Thorgy to get the Congeniality title, and they’re positioning Naomi for it. What do you think? (P.S. 5% of respondents didn’t watch Untucked.)

Thorgy Story Arc

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 12.11.07 AM
Challenge Score after S8E6

Challenge Score

Now that we’re in the top 5 and Bob has won three challenges, her AnalRPDR score is 9, with Kim in 2nd place with a score of 5. Bob’s “Safe Sucks” score is 11, compared to Kim’s 7. Derrick is in third place. Oh dear Lord.

Acid and Thorgy are still performing better than Naomi. Robbie is still performing better than Chi Chi. I’m all “nope nope nope” on Naomi and Chi Chi.

As a side note, someone suggested I make an elimination worth -2 or -3. Good idea, but then it’s hard to see how well (for example) Thorgy was doing before the elimination episode. If you want those calculations, I can share them in a separate post upon request.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.34.52 PM
Challenge Score, Season 8 Episode 7

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.34.41 PM


  • Kim Chi still has an incredibly strong lead, with 253K followers and 18K new followers this week.
  • Bob the Drag Queen has 155K followers, which is 98K less than Kim Chi. She gained 12K new followers, and her growth is slower than in weeks past.
  • Thorgy got more new followers than the week prior, but it’s not strong enough to call it an elimination spike. She gained 13K new followers this week, compared to 11.2K (Ep 6) and 15.7K (Ep 5).
  • Robbie Turner moved up to spot #9, bumping Cynthia down to spot #10. They are only separated by 1.2K fans.
  • Naomi continues to gain more fans than the week prior. This week she gained 14.5K, compared to 13.3K (Ep 6) and 10.9 (Ep 5).
  • Derrick ranks 5th. Chi Chi ranks 8th.

Instagram 1 Bar Graph Instagram 2 Raw Numbers Instagram 3 Rank Instagram 4 Number Followers Instagram 5 Percentage Followers


  • Kim remains in the lead and is holding strong. She has 35.3K followers, compared to Bob’s 29.9K. Kim gained 2.9K and Bob gained 2.3K.
  • The rank remains unchanged.
  • Thorgy got a small bump in followers compared to Episode 6 (2.6K vs. 1.9K), but it’s pretty close to her increase in Episode 5 (2.7K).
  • Naomi and Thorgy have been gaining about 2K each week, with Naomi consistently 2K behind Thorgy. It will be interesting to see what happens now that Thorgy is gone.
  • Derrick ranks 6th. Chi Chi ranks 8th.

Twitter 1 Bar Graph Twitter 2 Raw Numbers Twitter 3 Rank Twitter 4 Increase Numbers Twitter 5 Increase Percentage


  • Derrick Barry is still in the lead on Facebook, and gained 2.1K new followers this week.
  • Acid Betty is still in 2nd place, but leads Bob the Drag Queen by 2.3K followers. At this rate, Bob will probably pass Acid in about two episodes.
  • Naomi moved from spot #5 to spot #4. She gained 2.9K followers this week, compared to 1.7K (Ep 6) and 1.9K (Ep 5).
  • Thorgy moved from spot #6 to spot #5. If Thorgy saw an elimination spike anywhere, it was on Facebook. She gained 3,381 new followers this week, compared to 1,990 (Ep 6) or 2,769 (Ep 5).
  • Kim Chi moved down to spot #6!!!!!!! She has been gaining less than 1K new followers for the last two weeks. I’m curious to know why this is happening.

Facebook 1 Bar Graph Facebook 2 Raw Numbers Facebook 3 Rank Facebook 4 Increase Numbers Facebook 5 Increase Percent

The Edit

  • This week, Bob got the most positive edit (89.7%).
  • Naomi and Derrick lag behind Bob by about 30 percentage points (62.6% and 60.7%, respectively).
  • Thorgy got the most negative edit (92.7%).
  • Chi Chi followed Thorgy by about 25 percentage points (66%).
  • Kim Chi got her first mostly negative score (-48.9) with an overall score of -17.7.
  • Derrick got her first mostly positive score (60.7) with an overall score of 28.0.
1 Positive Edit
Which queens got the most positive edit? (Pick 3.) Score = Percentage of respondents (n=470) that rated the queen as positive * 100.
2 Negative Edit
Which queens got the most negative edit? (Pick 3.) Score = Percentage of respondents (n=470) that rated the queen as negative * 100.
3 Overall Edit
Positive score – Negative score = Overall score
Chi Chi Story Arc
Skewing negative
Bob Story Arc
Oh the drama!
Kim Story Arc
Nice gal, high fashion, weakness revealed.
Derrick Story Arc
Naomi Story Arc
Dark horse

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    1. You’re not rude at all! I’m writing it right now, probably posting tomorrow (Sunday). I’m so glad you like the blog! -T

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