Season 9, Episode 1: Oh. My. Gaga.!

First of all, I’d like to thank RuPaul for waiting until my band’s tour, promoting our new CD, was over before kicking off Season 9. #shamelessplug I saw some people on reddit mention┬ásome collaboration. Let’s do this, squirrelfriends.


Farrah Moan is in the lead on Instagram and Twitter, but Nina Bonina had the biggest increase in followers. Aja is doing well on Instagram (2nd place) but not so great on Twitter (10th place). Charlie Hides is doing well on Twitter (2nd place), but not so great on Instagram (8th place). One is pretty, the other is funny. Good channel strategy.

I dropped Facebook this year. It gets confusing since some queens are moving from personal to professional pages. And… I’m kinda lazy.┬áSo is our president and he seems to be doing fine.

  • Farrah Moan leads Instagram with 148K followers, up from 133K (+11%).
  • Aja is a close second, with 134K followers, up from 124K (+8%).
  • Nina Bonina had the greatest increase in followers (33%, +16,500)
  • Rank remains unchanged since pre-season (Thursday, March 23).
  • I misspelled Kimora Blac. Damn you, auto-correct. I’ll fix it next week.



  • Farrah Moan has the most followers, with 21K, up from 18.2K (+15%).
  • Charlie Hides ranks second, with 18.2K followers, up from 16.8K (+8%).
  • Nina Bonina had the biggest increase in followers (36%). She moved from 8th place to 7th place.
  • Aja had the second largest increase in followers (22%). She moved from 11th place to 10th place.