Season 9 Episode 3, Draggily Ever After

Right now, Valentina looks like the clear winner. She not only is doing well in the challenges, but is very popular. She ranks 2nd on Instagram and 3rd on Twitter, with a growth rate that will allow her to be in the #1 spot in the next couple of weeks. How do you feel about that, Valentina?

That’s what I thought.

Trinity Taylor has a high challenge score, but is very unpopular (last place on Instagram and Twitter). Perfect villain formula.


Nina Bonina has a high challenge score, and is moderately popular. She is 5th on Instagram and 6th on Twitter.

Alexis Michelle and Charlie Hides¬†have low challenge scores and low popularity. We haven’t had enough challenges to solidify the rankings, but it doesn’t look good for either of them. Aja and Farrah are popular but have low challenge scores. Also not so good.

We need more challenges to know who’s going to rise up from the middle. Instead of analyzing, I just ended up looking up Eureka’s head pieces. Check out this one:

And this one!
Like a candle in the wind.
this is my fave
Dr. Seuss Realness!

Challenge Scores

  • Trinity Taylor and Valentina have the highest Challenge scores (5), with 1 win and 1 high placement.
  • Nina Bonina has a score of 3.5, and I really want her to place higher because I love typing “Nina Bonina.”
  • Alexis Michelle and Cynthia Lee Fontaine have only been safe, and have Challenge scores of zero (0).
  • Aja is the only remaining queen with a negative score. She has been safe twice, and bottom 2 once.


  • Farrah Moan has a low challenge score (0.5), but the highest number of Instagram followers (200K). I don’t get it. Gay men, please explain.
  • Valentina, originally at 4th placed, has leaped (leapt?) to 2nd place, with 173K followers.
  • If Farrah and Valentina maintain their growth rates next week, Valentina (30%) could surpass Farrah (10%) by next week. Valentina could have 225K, and Farrah could have 220K.
  • Valentina (2nd), Nina Bonina (5th), Sasha Velour (7th), and Eureka O’Hara (13th) have gone up in rank this week.
  • Aja (3rd), Cynthia Lee Fontaine (8th), and Trinity Taylor (14th) have gone down in rank.


  • Cynthia Lee and Farrah Moan are currently battling for the #1 slot. Farrah now has 28.8K followers, and Cynthia Lee has 27.8. Farrah has a higher growth rate (12%) than Cynthia Lee (5%).
  • Valentina gained the most followers this week (5,100, +27%). If Valentina (27%) and Farrah (12%) maintain their growth rates, Valentina could take spot #1 in two weeks.
  • The rest of the queens are showing a big ol’ mishmash of growth and decline.¬†Just go google Eureka O’Hara and look at her headpieces until the next challenge.

5 thoughts on “Season 9 Episode 3, Draggily Ever After”

  1. Maybe Farrah has high instagram if she had an emo boy account awhile ago (myspace or whatever) and built up followers there then publicized her new Farrah account. Since her emo boy photos were used by catfishers everywhere.

    1. Is that based on fact? If so, that’s interesting. I think Miss Fame’s Instagram was full of makeup tutorials before the show started.

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