Season 9, Episode 5: Kardashians: The Musical

Snatch Game is tonight! After Snatch Game, we’ll have a stronger feeling for the top ranking queens in this competition. As I’ve said in the past, Ru is looking for someone with Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, Talent, and Intelligence (T.U.N.I.C.) to win this competition. In general, RuPaul’s Delegate of Reigning Queens (DORQ) are quick on their feet and strategic. After next week, I’ll lessen my focus on relative growth, and start fixating on the sheer number of followers.

The challenge scores and social media rankings are not completely consistent with one another, but top 3 is looking more like Valentina, Shea, and Sasha. These three queens have all won at least one challenge, and have not had a low placement. Valentina is #1 or #2 on social media, but Sasha and Shea are still middle of the pack in terms of popularity.

Shea now has the highest challenge score, with two wins. Excluding Naomi Smalls, all contenders for top 3 have had at least two wins, which puts Shea squarely in top 3 category.

Valentina has the second highest challenge score (5 – tied with Sasha), and has consistently gained a ton of followers each week. She is now ranked #1 on Instagram and #2 on Twitter.

This moment is going down in HERstory!

I’m pulling for you, Sasha. Let’s sit on the couch with some tea and listen to NPR together, m’kay? #lesbianfantasy

Eureka has not had a strong elimination spike. She had some sweet moments in rehearsal and the werk room, and she must have been in agony throughout this challenge. Nevertheless, she persisted. This supports my theory that the elimination spike is higher when fans feel betrayed by Ru. (Oh, the injustice! I’m going to show you my ongoing support by following you on Twitter!) Since she gets to come back next year, fans sat back and sipped their fruity cocktails while the queens cried and hugged.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and in depth analysis on the show, listen to the Alright Mary podcast, available on iTunes. Colin and Johnny dissect the heck out of the show. Based on their analysis, most of this week’s screen time was on Alexis and Nina. However, I don’t see a strong response on social media for either of these queens.

Challenge Score

  • Shea Coulee is now squarely in the lead, having won two competitions. Her Safe Sucks score is 8.5.
  • Sasha Velour and Valentina are tied for second place with one win, one high placement, and no low or bottom two placements (5).
  • Farrah Moan, Aja, and Cynthia Lee have negative scores.
    • Aja and Cynthia Lee have been safe every challenge, and in the bottom two once (-1.5).
    • Farrah has a higher score (-1), but only because she has placed low (instead of safe). Our “Safe Sucks” score gives a low placement a higher ranking than safe, because they can use feedback from the judges to improve. They also get more screen time.


  • Valentina has recently passed Farrah Moan for first place. She has 242K followers, compared to Farrah’s 233K.
  • Aja is placing third with 196K followers.
  • Kimora Black is in 4th place, with 150K followers. Elimination will not bring her down! She is performing better than seven queens who are still in the running.
  • Nina (142K), Sasha (141K), and Shea (137K), who all have high challenge scores, are in the middle of the pack on Instagram.
  • Eureka has gone up in ranking to 13th place. She has the highest relative increase in followers (13%) this week. This looks like a wee elimination spike.
  • After Eureka, the queens with the highest relative growth are Valentina (16%), Trinity (16%), Shea (15%), Sasha (15%), and Nina Bonina (14%).
  • Overall, Valentina and Nina have the highest relative growth episode over episode.


  • Last week, I predicted that Valentina would trounce Farrah Moan, but Farrah is still in the top position (35K). Valentina has 32.7K followers, and moved up from spot #3 to spot #2, defeating Cynthia Lee.
  • Trinity (17%), Shea (17%) and Valentina (16%) have the highest relative growth this week.
  • Shea moved up in rank from #7 to #6 (23.2K), and Nina moved down from #6 to #7 (22.9K).
  • Valentina and Nina have the highest relative growth over the course of the season.

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