Season 9, Ep 6: Snatch Game!

There is no original or primary gender a drag imitates, but gender is a kind of imitation for which there is no original. –Judith Butler

We finally had the Snatch Game! I’m finally interested in Season 9!

So… go answer this poll and tell me: Who do you think won Snatch Game? Who will win Season 9? Who do YOU want to win Season 9?

My bets for top 3 are still Shea, Sasha, and Valentina.

  • Shea Coulee is the strongest contender at this point. She has 2 wins, 1 high, and 0 lows/btm2s. In terms of popularity, she has moved up in rank, and is now #6 on Instagram and #5 on Twitter.
  • Sasha has a strong challenge score, with 1 win, 2 highs, and 0 low/btm2s. She is more popular than Shea, ranking 4th on Instagram and 3rd on Twitter.
  • Nina, Alexis, and Valentina are all in a mixy-mixy bag of maybe-they’ll-be-top-3-but-maybe-they-won’t. They all have the same AnalRPDR score (4). Nina has a higher Safe Sucks score because she placed low and was oh so close to bottom 2 in episode 5. Valentina appears to be getting the best edit, reflected in her performance on social media. She continually has high relative growth.

Alexis and the Snatch Game

I don’t like to be shady, but it’s kind of my job.

Alexis won Snatch Game, but she didn’t win our hearts. She only gained 6.9K followers on Instagram, whereas Valentina gained 36K, Farrah gained 24K, Shea gained 21K, and Sasha gained 19K. There are similar trends over in Twitterlandia. She won, but I typically see a stronger reaction to a Snatch Game win.

Alexis has such an interesting edit. She is the talkative drag mom, facilitating heartfelt conversations and including all the children. The folks over at Alright Mary think she’s definitely bound for top 3. The numbers just don’t stack up.

Peppermint had a rough time on the Snatch Game, but TURNT IT OUT in her lip sync. There’s a little bump in her Instagram ranking (from #11 to #10).

Cynthia did not get an elimination spike. I think she peaked when she was Miss Congeniality. For example, she had 40K followers on Instagram at the end of last season. When she returned this April, she had 98K followers. Now she has 123K. She’s doing great, but her relative growth has been fairly low this season.

Challenge Score

  • Shea is still in the lead (8.5), with Sasha in 2nd place (6.5) and Nina in 3rd place (5.5). (Last week, it was Shea, Sasha, and Valentina.)
  • Alexis is now in 4th place (5 – tied with Valentina), due to her win in Snatch Game. Last week, she was in 7th place due to being consistently safe.
  • Queens that aren’t doing so well: Aja, Farrah, Peppermint, and Trinity.


  • Valentina is still in 1st place, and Farrah has a strong hold on 2nd place. Aja (3rd place) would need 50K more followers to catch up.
  • A few moved up in rank:
    • Sasha moved from #6 to #4.
    • Shea moved from #7 to #6.
    • Peppermint moved from #11 to #10.
  • A couple moved down in rank:
    • Kimora moved from #4 to #7.
    • Alexis moved from #10 to #11.


  • Farrah Moan STILL has the most followers (40.2K)! ANNND she has gained the 2nd most number of followers (5.1K)! ANNND she increased followership by 15%! (Which is 3rd place in that category.)
  • I keep thinking Valentina will pass Farrah, but she doesn’t. Still, she gained the most followers this week (5.4K) and has the highest relative growth (17%).
  • Sasha Velour jumped to 3rd place, bumping Cynthia Lee down to 4th place. You can just eyeball Cynthia’s growth and see that it has been pretty flat. No elimination spike for Cynthia. She peaked when she won Miss Congeniality.
  • There has been a lot of shifting. Some queens moved up in rank:
    • Sasha moved from #4 to #3.
    • Shea moved from #6 to #5.
    • Nina Bonina moved from #7 to #6.
    • Aja moved from #9 to #8.
    • Trinity moved from #13 to #12.
    • Eureka moved from #14 to #13.
  • Some moved down:
    • Cynthia Lee moved from #3 to #4.
    • Charlie Hides moved from #5 to #7.
    • Kimora moved from #8 to #9.
    • Jaymes moved from #12 to #14.

One thought on “Season 9, Ep 6: Snatch Game!”

  1. Valentina could justifiably been top 3 in Snatch Game. They factored in runway higher for Farrah. Nina made Ru laugh in Snatch Game but I wasn’t impressed. Valentina was one note but it was such a good idea. Cynthia sort of deflated Valentina’s last joke. While Valentina was pure safe in prior two episodes, I’m thinking she was put at safe in this one too as they are trying to make her eventual win less obvious.

    I do think Shea could win though. And though I want Sasha to win, it’s more that I want to want Sasha to win. I think if Valentina has to lipsync she’ll be at risk. She’s not as high energy from what I can tell. So I bet they through her a ballad.

    Alexis bugs me and her Liza was predictable. They literally put her at the end to allow for the high kicks. It wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t interesting. She didn’t make me laugh. It was like watching a Bugs Bunny rerun. I don’t see her as top 3, but she may be the closest they have to a villain just because she’s semi-patronizing. So she seems top 6. By which I mean 6th. Just seems Trinity and Nina would be in top 5.

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