Season 9 Episode 7: 9021-HO

Shea Coulee is going to win this thing. But first…

And the winner is… RuPaul! Look who just got 1.13 million views on YouTube last weekend! (I might have watched it 1.05M times.) If you haven’t watched Auto Shop on SNL, then you need to take a break from my blog and watch this beautiful work of art. Good job, SNL. It was smart and didn’t cash in on homophobic jokes.

So we might as well graph it. It’s not SNL’s biggest hit, but it didn’t have Kate McKinnon in it.

Executive Summary

At the moment, the numbers point to Shea winning. Trinity now looks like she could sit in the top 3 spot with Shea and Sasha, ousting Valentina. Valentina’s challenge score (6.5) is slightly lower than Sasha and Trinity’s (7). Valentina is more popular than anyone, which could give her a boost if Ru loves her.

Knowing that the producers sometimes lurk in the rupaulsdragrace subreddit, I know that they pay attention to challenge scores. It seems as if they are distributing wins more evenly to obfuscate the winner. Does anyone else in RPDR Land feel this way?

For example, I kind of thought Sasha Velour was going to win Snatch Game, so I asked all you fishes to weigh in:

Yup. If Sasha had won Snatch Game, she would have a score of 9 (instead of 7) and Alexis would have a score of 3 (instead of 5).

Am I just biased because I like a drag queen who makes fun of Judith Butler? (yes)

Redditor Predictions

The votes are in! Last year, the only data that truly predicted Bob’s win was fans’ predictions. It’s looking like Shea Coulee!

  • We had 580 respondents, and 485 (84%) think that Shea Coulee is going to win.
  • HOWEVER, Sasha is the one that people want to be crowned (192, 33%), followed closely by Valentina (121, 21%) and Shea (111, 19%).
  • Nina and Trinity are kind of popular, but they are not taking home the crown. 

Challenge Score

  • Shea Coulee has the highest Challenge Score (10) due to TWO wins, TWO highs, and no lows.
  • Sasha and Trinity are tied for second place (Safe Sucks Score = 7). Sasha has one win and two highs, and Trinity has 2 wins, 1 high, and a bottom 2 placement.
  • Valentina’s ranking is going down a bit, with a Safe Sucks Score of 6.5. She has 1 win and 2 highs, but tends to be safe (which doesn’t help with her Safe Sucks score).


  • Holy Jesus, Valentina is super duper popular. She still ranks first (312K followers) and gained 34K new followers this week.
  • Farrah is still extremely popular (277K followers), and she gained 20K followers this week. With such a low challenge score (-0.5), I can’t imagine her sticking around much longer.
  • Aja is third place (219K), but she didn’t get an elimination spike this week. She gained 12K new followers, which is on par with the last few weeks.
  • Trinity had the highest relative increase in followers (15%) due to her win. She now has 85.2K followers, putting her in 12th place.
  • Sasha still holds 4th place (179K), but Shea is only 1K followers behind (178K). Shea moved up in rank from #6 to #5.
  • Nina Bonina moved down from #5 to #6.


  • Farrah Moan is the most popular girl in school. This should feel good, given her high school experience. Grrrl, you are beautiful and really sweet.
  • Valentina is STILL in 2nd place. I kept thinking she would catch up with Farrah any second now. Nopey nope. 2nd place!
  • Sasha Velour is the third most popular (34.8K followers), and Shea Coulee is in 5th place with 29.7K followers.
  • Alexis is in 12th place. She is very talented and sweet, but I don’t see as much Nerve and Uniqueness as a Bob, Bianca, or Jinkx. I don’t understand why my (okay, not my) friends at Alright Mary keep talking about her as if she is going to win.

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