Season 9 Episode 8: RuPaul Roast

Executive Summary

Please note: I posted the wrong graphs last week. Some of the content has changed. The Challenge Score did show that Shea, Sasha, and Trinity had the top 3 scores. However, the week prior (week 7), Valentina and Trinity were tied for third place. I don’t like to rewrite my data herstory, especially given the elimination on week 9’s show, but I removed some references to Valentina being Top 3.

  • Shea still looks like the winner of Season 9. She has the highest Challenge Score (11.5). She is not as popular as Sasha on social media, but popularity will only tip the scale. Shea has a strong leading margin of 3 points on both the Safe Sucks and the AnalRPDR score.
  • The data show that the top three are Shea, Sasha, and Trinity. Sasha has a Safe Sucks score of 8.5, and Trinity’s is 7.5.
  • Peppermint has a moderate ranking (5th on Challenge score) and low popularity  (11th on Instagram, 10th on Twitter). I have no numbers to back this up, but Peppermint will be Miss Congeniality. Because DUH!
  • Nina and Alexis are not doing well. Both have low Safe Sucks scores (4 and 3.5, respectively). Both queens are pissing off the fans this week. Time to go home!

Challenge Score

  • Shea now has the highest Challenge Score. Her Safe Sucks score is 11.5, and her AnalRPDR score is 9.
  • Sasha Velour is in 2nd place, with a SafeSucks score of 8.5, and an AnalRPDR score of 6.
  • Trinity has the 3rd highest Safe Sucks score (7.5) compared to Valentina’s 6.5. However, their AnalRPDR score is tied (5). Valentina has been safe five times.
  • While Peppermint won this challenge, she is still placed 5th since she has only one win, 2 highs, 1 btm2, and 1 low placement.


  • Sweet Lady of Guadalupe, Valentina has 341K fans! Next in line is Farrah, with 296K fans.
  • Sasha and Shea and hobbling along with 198K and 195K fans, respectively.
  • Trinity Taylor jumped from 12th place to 10th place, with 97.2K fans. She technically leaped over Peppermint, who moved from 10th place to 11th place, but Peppermint has 97.1K fans.
  • Trinity has the highest relative growth this week (16%).
  • Alexis Michelle moved from 11th place to 12th place, with 90.4K fans.
  • Everyone’s relative growth has slowed down at this point. It doesn’t look like Sasha and Shea will be able to surpass Valentina, Farrah, or Aja’s followings.


  • Farrah still has the highest number of followers (47.5K), but I wonder if Valentina (45.7K) can pass her now that Farrah has been eliminated.
  • Sasha is in 3rd place (38.7K), and Shea is in 4th place (33.3K).
  • Trinity has jumped from 11th place to 9th place, with 18% growth. She now has 23.8K followers.
  • Peppermint has dropped from 9th place to 10th place, but only has 500 fewer followers than Trinity.
  • Alexis Michelle is in 12th place.






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