Season 9, Episode 9: Your Pilot’s On Fire

Executive Summary

I finally get to talk about an elimination spike this season! There were some little ones, but the biggest elimination spike happens when RuPaul sends someone home, and everyone feels betrayed. While Valentina’s Challenge Score was dipping, her popularity was at an all time high. She has 375K followers, and I bet she’ll be pushing half a million by the finale.

I thought that Peppermint was going to be crowned Miss Congeniality, but similar to BenDeLaCreme and Katya, I now wonder if Valentina will get the sash. Miss Congeniality is about the most congenial (yes) but it also appears to be a consolation prize for a favorite queen who didn’t make top 3.

In other news, the fans are noticing Trinity Taylor. After episode 7, she ranked #11 on Twitter. Today, she ranks #7! Trinity is certainly the dark horse, and not the villain that I predicted earlier this season.

Challenge Score

  • Shea (15) leads Sasha (12) by a 3-point margin, and Sasha leads Trinity (9) by a 3-point margin.
  • Peppermint is now in 4th place.
  • Although Valentina has been eliminated, she still holds 5th place in the Safe Sucks Challenge score. Alexis and Nina are in 6th and 7th place.


  • For Valentina’s elimination spike, she gained 34K followers on Instagram this week. Granted, she gained 34K followers two weeks ago as well. Maybe it’s a mild spike for her, but NOBODY sees those increases. She now has 375K followers on Instagram.
  • Over the course of the season, Valentina has shown the highest relative growth episode over episode. If you look at the last graph, you can see that her relative growth surpassed all the other queens. That graph is a little iffy on its mathiness, because it additively shows percentage growth per episode, but it does illustrate Valentina’s ability to continually grow her fan base.
  • Farrah (315K) and Aja (234K) are still 2nd and 3rd most popular.
  • Sasha (220K) is still slightly more popular than Shea (214K) and Nina (179K).
  • Trinity and Peppermint have gone up in rank. Trinity is now in 9th place (109K) and Peppermint is in 10th (108K).

Let’s just take a moment to look at Valentina’s spikey growth over the season.


  • Valentina (54.4K) just leapfrogged over Farrah (50.8K) to 1st place. Her relative growth was 19% this week, compared to episode 8 (10%) and episode 7 (9%).
  • When you just look at the histogram, Valentina, Sasha, and Shea all have little spikes this week. They all have gained more fans after episode 9, compared to the last couple of episodes.
    • Valentina: 4K (Ep 8); 8.7K (Ep 9)
    • Sasha: 3.9K (Ep 8); 6.8K (Ep 9)
    • Shea: 3.6K (Ep 8); 5.2K (Ep 9)
  • Trinity Taylor has moved to 9th place. She has hopped from #11 to #7 in just two episodes.

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