Season 9, Episode 10: Makeovers: Crew Better Werk!

Sarge 4 Eva

Raise your hankie if you didn’t cry ONCE during episode 10! I pretty much died during Untucked when they were wringing their hands over the queens’ success. It was like the SNL sketch, but with tears.

Executive Summary

    • The top three still appears to be Sasha, Shea, and Trinity. They have the highest challenge scores, but Sasha and Shea are now tied for #1, with a Safe Sucks Score of 13.5, and an AnalRPDR Score of 10.
    • Sasha is slightly more popular than Shea. She has 247K Instagram followers compared to Shea’s 235K. Sasha has 50K Twitter followers compared to Shea’s 41.9K.
    • Nina Bonina Brown (bless her heart) did not get an elimination spike since her elimination was entirely expected. She is still loved by fans, ranking 6th on Instagram and 5th on Twitter. Hugs to you, Nina Bonina. We all understand how depression can get in the way of ambition. You are a creative genius.

The Winner

If we use today’s numbers, Sasha is going to win. However, the likelihood of her win is similar to that of Kim Chi. Her challenge score is equal to Shea’s, and she is slightly more popular. So… Trump takes the crown!


Trinity is most decidedly the dark horse of season 9. On Instagram, she started in 12th place during the pre-season, went down to #14 by episode 3, and is back up to 9th place. On Twitter, she started as #13 in the pre-season, went down to #14 by episode 2, and has crept back up to #7 by episode 10. Her growth in popularity is consistent with her challenge score, which was middle of the road until episode 6, but started to improve by episode 7. While I’m positive she will be top 3, I don’t think she can beat SaShea.


The fans still miss Valentina. She gained the most followers this week on Instagram (36K) and is still the most popular on Instagram and Twitter. If she isn’t Miss Congeniality, I will eat my pantaloons.

Challenge Score

  • Now that Shea has been in the bottom 2, she and Sasha are tied for top challenge score. (Safe Sucks Score = 13.5; AnalRPDR Score = 10).
  • Trinity Taylor is placed 3rd (SSS=12.5) and Peppermint is 4th (7). Valentina holds 5th place (SSS=6.5) and still has a higher score than Alexis, who is in 6th place (SSS=4.5).


  • Valentina (411K) and Farrah (328K) are still galaxies more popular than Sasha (247K), Shea (241K), and Trinity (127K).
  • Sasha moved up to 3rd place, sending Aja to 4th.
  • Valentina (+36K) gained the most followers this week, followed by Sasha (+27K), Shea (+21K), and Trinity (+18K).
  • Trinity’s relative growth (+17%) is the highest this week. In fact, her relative growth over the past three episodes is higher than other queens (16%, 12%, 17%).
  • The other queens’ rankings remain the same: Shea (5th), Trinity (9th), Peppermint (10th), and Alexis (12th).


  • Valentina (57.7K) and Farrah (52.7K) are still more popular than Sasha (50K), Shea (41.9K), and Trinity (31.1K).
  • Nina Bonina Brown jumped over Cynthia Lee Fontaine from spot #6 to spot #5. I wouldn’t call this an elimination spike, since she gained 1,300 followers this week, compared to 2,600 from last week.
  • Trinity gained the highest relative number of followers (+17%, 3.3K) but still gained fewer followers than Sasha (4.5K) and Shea (3.4K).
  • There is no change to the remaining queens’ rankings: Sasha (3rd), Shea (4th), Trinity (7th), Peppermint (10th) and Alexis (12th).
  • Aja beat out Charlie Hides for spot #8. She has 200 more followers than Charlie.

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