Season 9, Episode 11: Gayest Ball Ever


A Quick Note

I think this is the last year I’ll write this blog. I’ve had fun, and I love the community of queer nerds that follow this blog. I’ll do it next year if I’m unemployed or have some AMAZING revelation about how this can continue to inspire me. I can’t explain why, but I don’t have the enthusiasm for it that I used to. Thanks for all of your love and support over the years. Especially to /u/gmccl, who made those beautiful infographs last year. Hugs all around.

Executive Summary

Shea is going to win, but Sasha is more popular. Trinity is still catching up quickly, but won’t catch up in time to grab the crown.

Here’s an interesting poll that BuzzFeed ran. Most people think Shea will win (85%) but they want Trinity to win (47%). Only 20% want Shea to win.

Miss Congeniality

If Logo TV hadn’t closed their voting by now, then I would think Peppermint had a chance of getting Miss Congeniality. That being said, Valentina is the most popular queen by a LANDSLIDE. Will fans want her to have a consolation prize? Or will they vote for Peppermint because she is so freakin’ adorably sweet?

Challenge Score

  • Shea is in first place, with a Safe Sucks Score of 17, AnalRPDR Score of 13
  • Sasha is in second place, SSS=15, AnalRPDR=11
  • Trinity is in third place, SSS=13, AnalRPDR=9
  • Peppermint: SSS=7, AnalRPDR=4
  • Valentina is in fifth place. POOR VALENTINA!


  • Valentina has 433K followers! I bet you my bottom dollar she will reach HALF A MILLION by the season finale.
  • Farrah Moan is still in 2nd place with 341K followers.
  • Sasha (284K) is still beating Shea (246K) by a growing margin. Sasha gained 37K followers, and Shea gained 11K followers.
  • For some perspective, Valentina and Aja have gained more followers than Trinity and Shea.
  • Trinity moved up from 9th place to 8th place. She gained 19K new followers (more than Shea, fewer than Sasha).


  • Valentina is the most popular (60.8K followers), followed very closely by Sasha (56.7K followers).
  • Sasha moved up, from 3rd place to 2nd place, ousting Farrah to 3rd. She gained the most new followers this week (6.7K).
  • Trinity Taylor moved up, from 7th to 6th place this week. She gained 5.1K new followers. She also saw the highest relative increase in followers (16%), but her growth is still lower than Sasha’s by 1.6K followers. She is in second place on overall relative increase. (Valentina is first, of course.)
  • Peppermint jumped from 10th place to 8th place. Aja is now in 9th place and Charlie is in 10th place.

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