Season 9, Episode 14: The Finale

@papa_velour only has 2,245 followers on Twitter right now. Please correct that immediately.

One last post! I couldn’t help myself. It was really interesting to see Sasha win this one, in light of her 2 shared wins + 6 high placements. I thought the lip sync challenges were a fun addition. [Insert sportsball playoff tournament analogies here.] Now I understand why Redditors predicted her. I’m so good at avoiding spoilers!

Sasha has gained 66.9 tons of fans as a result of her win. Since last week, she gained 112K followers on Instagram and 21.8K followers on Twitter. When you check out the herstogram and look at those spiky gains relative to the other queens, you’ll see why I’m amazed.


  • Sasha gained 112K new fans this week. Look at that spike in the histogram below! It is amazing. She is now in 2nd place, with Farrah in 3rd place.
  • Peppermint gained 31K new followers, and moved from 9th place to 8th place.
  • Shea Coulee gained 36K new followers, and remains in 5th place.
  • Trinity gained 24K followers, and moved from 8th place to 7th place.
  • Valentina is still first with 496K followers
  • …Unless you count RuPaul, who has 1.3M followers.


  • Sasha Velour gained 21.8K new followers, for a total of 99.8K followers. She remains in first place.
  • …Unless you count RuPaul, who has 967K fans.
  • Shea is still in 4th place, having gained 9.2K new followers, for a total of 67.5K fans.
  • Trinity is still in 5th place, having gained 7.3K new followers, for a total of 53.7K fans.
  • Peppermint is still in 6th place, having gained 8.5K new followers, for a total of 48.8K fans.

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