Season 7, Episode 4: Spoof! There It Is

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Q: What happens on social media when everyone disagrees with RuPaul’s decision?

A: Elimination Spike!

Last year, the Twitter rankings mostly lined up with the order of elimination. Magnolia Crawford, Kelly Mantle and Vivacious were at the bottom. Bianca, Adore, and Courtney were at the top. There was one glaring exception: Darienne, who was outranked by DeLa, Milk, and Joslyn. Because duh.

I mention this because DeLa had a nice (11%) elimination spike (2,400 new followers) when she was kicked off, which was a great relative increase for Season 6. Everyone was pissed at Ru and followed DeLa on Twitter to show support.

S6E13 Total graph
S6E13 Twitter Followers

However, Trixie’s spike blows DeLa’s numbers out of the water, with a 33% increase in Twitter followers, the highest I have seen so far. (For comparison, the highest relative increase in followers for Season 6 was Bianca del Rio, who saw a 31% increase after the Queens of Comedy challenge.) She got the most new followers on Twitter, gained 25% more fans on Facebook, and 22% more on Instagram. More details below.

Pearl did incredibly well, too. She is still the #1 rank on Twitter, and #2 on Facebook and Instagram. Miss Fame still has the most fans on Facebook and Instagram, but Pearl is gaining on her quickly.

Jaidynn’s successes this week have helped her out in the social media race. She moved from #11 to #10 on Twitter, from #13 to #12 on Facebook, and from #11 to #10 on Instagram. I would love to see what would have happened if she had gotten as much screen time as Miss Fame, especially that part where she sewed that Bianca dress in 30 minutes. (Jesus, why does Miss Fame get so much attention?! Why am I giving it to her right now?)

Kennedy got some redemption this week with her win, and quite a few kudos on Twitter, but she remains in the bottom four on all three platforms. She got 552 new Twitter followers (12%), 335 new Facebook followers (5%), and 561 new followers on Instagram (6%).


  • Trixie elimination spike: She got the most new followers on Twitter (4,100; 33%). She climbed from the #4 spot to #3, pushing Katya down a notch.
  • Pearl still holds the top ranking. She gained 4,000 new followers (24%).
  • Miss Fame holds spot #2, but has only gained 11% more followers.
  • Katya and Max gained about 2,300 new followers each. Max saw a high relative increase (25%).
  • Violet, Ginger Minj and Katya continue to show steady growth in the high teens (17% – 18%).
  • Sasha dropped from #10 to #12, boosting the rankings for Jaidynn (#11 to #10) and Mrs. Kasha Davis (#12 to #11).

Twitter Chart

Twitter Numbers

Twitter Rank

Twitter Increase (#)

Twitter Increase (%)


I don’t know what to think about Facebook. Twitter gives me crazy #justicefortrixie conversations, Instagram gives me pretty photo and video recaps, and Facebook algorithms hide anything interesting on Facebook. But here goes…

  • Trixie Elimination Spike: On Facebook, she gained 2,890 new followers (25%), second in line to Pearl, who gained 4,465 Facebook followers (23%).
  • Miss Fame leads the pack. Because she is such a good leader.
  • Pearl and Violet switched places. Pearl is now #2, and Violet is now #3.
  • Max gained 2,014 new followers (17%).
  • Jaidynn Fierce and Mrs. Kasha Davis switched places. Jaidynn is now #12 and MKD is now #13.
  • It’s just kind of weird that Katya and Miss Fame each gained 1,238 new followers. Cosmic tan mom connection.

Facebook Graph

Facebook Numbers

Facebook Rank

Facebook Increase (#)

Facebook Increase (%)


  • Trixie Elimination Spike: She gained 7,900 new followers (22%), but is still second in line to Pearl, who gained 12,000 new followers (17%).
  • Miss Fame still ranks highest, with 25,000 more fans than Pearl. As a reminder, Miss Fame started out with 96,000 followers, which is a hard number to beat.
  • Ginger Minj has the highest relative increase in followers (23%).
  • Trixie, Katya, and Jaidynn all have 22% more followers this week.
  • Ginger Minj and Kandy Ho have switched places. Ginger is now #7, and Kandy is #8.
  • Jaidynn and MKD have switched places. Jaidynn is now #10, MKD is now #11.

Instagram Chart

Instagram Numbers

Instagram Rank

Instagram Increase (#)

Instagram Increase (%)

Some of My Favorite Social Media Moments This Week

Elimination Spike Sisters:Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 12.28.40 PM

Pearl being humble and supportive:

Pearl #justicefortrixie
Hugs all around.

Miss Fame feeling embarrassed about her behavior:

Miss Fame and Pearl
“We’re friends, right?” (Pearl didn’t comment on this.)


Episode 10: Drag My Wedding

Although I correctly predicted that Bianca del Rio would be in first place after episode 9, I did not predict that Adore Delano would beat Courtney after episode 10! I guess I’m not the Nate Silver of Drag Race. Courtney Act is now in third place!

Let’s just take a look at the progress of these three queens. During Episodes 1-3, Courtney Act and Adore Delano were kickin’ some serious booty because of their American Idol history. But they remained steady and Bianca almost caught up with Adore by Episode 4.

Top 3 Ep2-4
Top three queens, episodes 2-4

During episodes 5-6, Bianca and Adore were neck and neck.

Top 3 Ep 5-6
Top Three Queens, Episodes 5-6

And then by episode 9, Bianca beat Courtney. And at episode 10, Adore beat Courtney as well. Does this mean this is the top 3? I don’t think so. Episode 11, a fashion episode, is going to challenge the heck out of Adore-able Adore.

Top 3 Ep 7-10
Top Three Queens, Episodes 7-10

There isn’t any big news in the rest of the rankings. Bianca’s growth curve is the shape of Magnolia’s nose. Magnolia is still flat. Milk is still popular. Laganja is still unpopular.

S6E10 Totals

S6E10 Rankings

Increase in Followers (#)

  • Bianca (yet again) got the most followers (4,900).
  • Adore did surprisingly well in this episode, increasing followers by 3,500. Her popularity must be unrelated to making a straight man look pretty.
  • Courtney and DeLa are still strong contenders, each with 1,900 and 1,800 new followers, respectively.
  • Darienne is doing slightly better than all of the eliminated queens. (Go home!)

S6E10 Increase Number

S6E10 Increase Grid

Increase in Followers (%)

  • Bianca, will you ever stop?!?! She not only has the most followers, but also the most followers relative to her huge number of followers (14%). Sheesh.
  • Joslyn, this week’s eliminated queen, is in 2nd place, with a 12% increase in followers.
  • The other top queens are the usual suspects: Adore, Trinity, DeLa, Courtney, and Milk.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 10.53.32 PM

S6E10 Increase Percent Grid

Prediction for Episode 11

Bianca will win because she can sew. Darienne and Adore will lip sync, and both of them will go home, because Darienne’s looks will be dull and Adore’s looks will be scrappy but trashy-fun. They’re filming the top 3 on May 6th. Double elimination!